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Christian Terrorism News Wears Many Hats:

  1. Counter Bias Propaganda that Terrorism is Exclusively Islamic while void in Christianity 
  2. Expose that Christianity Breeds 100 times More Terrorism than Islam
  3. Break the Racist Media News ban on Reporting Christian Terrorism
  4. Report Daily Christian Terrorism Similar to Daily Monitoring Groups Such as ADL or SPLC
  5. A Library of Comparative Religion Research on Terrorism and Scriptural Counter Terrorism

We’ve used 20 Years of Comparative Religion Research to Create the Free Book “Killing For Jesus: Defeating Christian Terrorism” that Lists:

*Top 10 Ways Christianity Breeds Terrorism

*Top 10 Differences Between Islamic Vs. Christian Terrorism

*Top 10 Ways to Defeat Christian Terrorism with Islamic Love

*Top 20 Ways White Jesus Creates White Christian Terrorists

*Top 20 Global Christian Terrorist Armies

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