Bill Maher Defends Christian Terrorism

Bill Maher on HBO “Real Time” Defended Christian Terrorism by claiming Christians Don’t Say “Merry Christmas” before Terrorism. Whereas Muslims Say “Allahu Akbar”, therefore Islam is a Religion of Terror whereas Christianity is not.

For Bill Maher; a Jew to Say Christianity is not a Religion of Terror that has killed millions of Jews is a gross ignorance.  

First, Bill Maher shows a lack of understanding of Either religion; When Christians say “Merry Christmas” they are celebrating the arrival of “the Word”. Equally Muslims say “Ramadan Mubarak” (Celebrating Arrival of “the Word”. Christmas and Ramadan being the biggest holidays for both Religions.

Making An Honest Comparison on Terrorism

If we are going to Honestly compare Apples to Apples, Muslims don’t say “Ramadan Mubarak” as Christians Don’t Say “Merry Christmas” During Terrorism.  

What Both Christians and Muslims Do Equally Before Terrorism is Seek Entry into Heaven.  The Islamic way is to say “Allahu Akbar” as Bill Maher observers. What Bill Maher ignores is that Before a Christian Terrorist mass murders people, the Christian Terrorist Preforms Similar Religious Gestures to Seek Salvation.

For Example, the Christian Terrorists Before Killing Others Would Do the Symbol of the Cross across their Chest or the Christian Terrorist Would Kiss the Cross on Their Neck. Christian Terrorists Also Ask Their god Jesus to Accept Their Actions as a Service to him and Grant them Entry into Heaven.

The Reason Why Christianity Breeds 100 Times More Terrorism than Islam is that has Laws Against Killing Civilians. Islam States that Attacking Someone Else is Only Lawful in the Case of Self Defense.  Whereas Christianity Teaches All Sins and All Killings Are Forgiven Just by Saying You Accept Jesus.

Most Media Icons Are Willfully Nivea to Comparative Religious Terrorism.  Even If Christianity has Bred Christian Terrorists Like Hitler who’s killed Millions of More than All Muslim Terrorists combined.  

Another False Comparison Bill Maher Makes to Belittle Christian Terrorism is the Claim there are no “Christian Army of Terrorists”.  Mr. Maher Tries to Yell over his Guest When She When Down the List Naming Armies of Christian Terrorists. The IRA Christian Terrorists, the Neo Nazi Christian Terrorists, the Russian Christian Terrorists, The Mafia is a Armed Christian Organization, KKK, Militia Groups, etc..

Just Check the FBI Watch List Mr. Maher, you will Find 100 Times More Christian Terrorist Army Groups. If Your Interested in Disinfecting things by putting it in the light, then stop hiding or defending Christian Terrorism. Terrorism NewsUSA Christian Terror Newsbreaking news,christian news,christian terrorism,christian terrorists,domestic terrorism,islamic terrorism,muslim news,terror alerts,terror news,terror threat,usa news,world newsBill Maher Defends Christian Terrorism Bill Maher on HBO 'Real Time' Defended Christian Terrorism by claiming Christians Don't Say 'Merry Christmas' before Terrorism. Whereas Muslims Say 'Allahu Akbar', therefore Islam is a Religion of Terror whereas Christianity is not. For Bill Maher; a Jew to Say Christianity is not a Religion of Terror that has...Christian Terror  News Breaks the Media News Ban on Reporting Christian Terrorism Proving that Christian Terrorists Kill 100 Times More than Islamic Terrorism.