Imagine if someone came into your home, stole most of your valuables and put someone else in charge of your home less than 100 years ago, how long would it take you to recover if you never got reparation for your home or valuables? Most people never recover from this terrorism.

Arabs, Africans, Native Americans, the list of victims of Christian Terrorist Colonizers goes on, almost all of them not getting Colonization Reparation, and even worse, Western Controlled and influenced puppet regimes are in place to continue to suck out those victims wealth and resources.

For example, Syria was a French Christian Terrorist Colony, and like Algeria, the French upon leaving with most of the nation’s wealth, put up puppet dictators who ruled for decades afterwards. The pro Western dictator Asad ruled for more than 30 years prior to giving control of Syria to his son. Meanwhile, the citizens of most of the similarly dictator ruled Middle East suffer unemployment, starvation, and stagnation with dwindling hope. These factors have caused a tinder box that sparks violence we see today.

Similarly, the Christian Terrorists’ reverse colonization of Africans (stealing them from African to be slaves in America) caused the same kinds of eventual violence we saw in the civil rights riots and still see today between African Americans and police. Africans in America had the same kind of set back, debilitating set backs towards the majority who live in poverty and make up more than 50% of prisoners despite being only 10% of the US population.

This reverse colonization has backfired on dealing with the humans the Christian Terrorists stole, because now America is 4% of the world population but incarcerates 25% of the world’s prisoners. Thus America has 5 times more prisoners than any other country, showing a direct correlation of having stolen 5 times more slaves than other countries and not giving reparation for the reverse colonization.

The pattern of suffering, poverty, and desperation endured by people colonized by Christian Terrorists is worldwide:

Chronology of Christian Terrorist colonialism From Wikipedia:

11th century (Norway) and 15th to 18th century

19th century to World War I 

Interwar period 

World War II : Cold War until the Détente 

1963 to the fall of the Berlin Wall 



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