Christian Terrorist Criminals who Say “Jesus made me do it”
1. Indiana’s mega-church leader Jack Schaap, 55, is set to face federal prosecutors this week because of his relationship with a 17-year-old female. The female attended Schaap’s church and often received personal counseling and reportedly 662 text messages from the pastor. According to Schaap, the relationship was the will of God. He writes in a letter to the teen “This is exactly what Christ desires. He wants to marry us + become eternal lovers!” Schaap has been charged with taking a minor across state lines with the intent to engage in criminal sexual activity.

2. In 2005, then 25-year-old Isaiah Kalebu broke into a lesbian couple’s home and proceeded to torture, rape, and stab them. One of the victims, Teresa Butz, died in front of her home as neighbors tried to save her life. Butz surviving partner was able to identify her attacker but Kalebu insisted he was innocent on the ground that he was only following God’s instructions. The Seattle Times reports the attacker saying “I was there and I was told by my God, the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob, to attack my enemies, and I did so.” Kalebu is obviously crazy because he had to be strapped to a wheel chair in restraints because of his “disruptive behavior.” The man once swallowed a pencil. I bet when asked why he’s so damn crazy, Kalebu response was religion based.

3. In another report of God makes people do crazy things- a woman faced murder charges in 2008 for killing her common law husband. Donna Marie Redding told authorities her husband used the Lord’s name in vein too often so she shot him. Redding said, “Jesus told me to do it” and that her husband was “the devil”. She shot and killed her husband with a shotgun while her nephew and brother-in-law invlogged a natural spring outside the couples home. Without warning, Jesus whispered in Redding’s ear and she ended an innocent man’s life.

4. God did not speak directly to Keemonta Peterson but the Bible did inspire the mother to perform a home circumcision on her 3-year-old son. Peterson was arrested and charged with first degree criminal mistreatment. She agreed to undergo mental health treatment after she told authorities the Old Testament in the Bible inspired her to circumcise her son. Peterson reportedly believed her son was too old to receive a professional circumcision but eventually called 911 after the botch job left her toddler bleeding and in severe pain. Doctors fixed her wrong doing and the toddler made a memorable recovery. Momma scissor hands lost custody of all her children, including the 3-year-old and has been sentenced to five years of probation.

5. Charles Manson, ordered his followers to go on a killing spree in the late 1960’s because the Bible and The Beatles told him to. Manson’s interpretation of the book of Revelations was that he was the fifth angle whose responsibility was to restore social order. He was to ignite a race war between Blacks and Whites in his Helter Skelter plan, which would result in the death of one-third of the population.

6. Jim Warren “Jim” Jones was a communist whose interest in religion fueled his plot to conduct a mass suicide. Jones interest in religion stemmed from a lonely childhood. He believed intelligence organizations were conspiring against his temple and that the future of the children were in danger of fascism and ignorance. Jones told his followers not to fear death and that death was their friend. 909 people, including 303 children, died of cyanide poisoning that was put in grape flavored Kool-Aid. FBI discovered a 45 minuet recoding of the mass suicide in progress where Jones justified the “revolutionary suicide.”  At the end of the tape Jones reportedly said “We didn’t commit suicide, we committed an act of revolutionary suicide protesting the conditions of an inhumane world.” The mass suicide remains one of the largest massacres in history.
Faith killing. A Christian Terrorist young mother maintained that voices in her head told her to test her faith in God, causing her to repeatedly slam her infant son to the ground and down a flight of stairs. Jennifer Cisowski, 21, of Connecticut, killed her 8-month-old son Gideon Fusscas in his grandmother’s upscale Florida home on Aug. 21, later saying she believed he would rise from the dead if her faith were strong enough. Source: Tampa Tribune, Aug. 22, 2001

“Mama, I love you.” A Talladega County jury in August found Christian Terrorist Teresa Ann Archie, 40, guilty of the 1996 murder of her daughter Shavon Jackson. Archie, a paranoid schizophrenic, chased her daughter through their home, shooting her twice in the back after becoming convinced her 16-year-old was possessed by Satan, and that God wanted her to cleanse her home of all Satanic influence. She told police Shavon’s last words were: “Mama, don’t shoot me, I love you.” She replied, “I know, Baby, but I have to do the Lord’s will.” Source: The Daily Home, Aug. 15, 2001

“Possessed woman.” Christian Terrorist Andrea Yates, the religious Dallas mother charged with drowning her 5 children in the bathtub, told family members from jail she thinks the “devil” is in her. Source: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, July 1, 2001

Naked avenger. A Christian Terrorist naked man who pelted rocks at a woman walking her dog and struck her with his car in January told police “demons wanted him to destroy her,” and he was naked “so he could enter the kingdom of God.” Jessica Fulcher, 28, survived the assault. Source: Loveland Reporter-Herald, Jan. 15, 2001

God’s crime spree. God made him commit a crime spree was the defense of bible-toting Christian Terrorist Henry Glen West, sentenced by an Okahoma County judge in April to two life terms. During West’s 5-hour crime spree in January 1998, he severely beat his brother, raped his brother’s girlfriend, broke into a house, robbed a convenience store clerk and then tried to run her over twice. At a second convenience store, he repeatedly shot the husband-and-wife owners. Source: Daily Oklahoman, April 21, 2001

Religiously-motivated stabbing. A Christian Terrorist man who fatally stabbed his son and tried to kill his mother-in-law and daughter was motivated by religion, according to relatives. Joseph Herman Dartez, Jr., 31, Houston, was pondering whether to leave a Christian church to join the Muslim faith when he assaulted his family in the middle of the night. Source: San Antonio Express, May 30, 2001

Sainted mob. A Christian Terrorist mob summoned by a church bell in Mexico City beat to death a man accused of trying to steal a statue of the neighborhood’s patron saint. The 3-hour beating occurred next to a local police station. Source: AP/Tulsa World, July 27, 2001
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Christian Terrorist Nurse Thinks Grandmother Was Possessed, Beats Her To Death: God Told Me to Do It, St. Louis Crime, Mug Shots, Angela Armstrong, Rachel Armstrong, Angela Armstrong Possessed, Rachel Armstrong Beat Angela Armstrong, A woman who allegedly stomped her 92-year-old grandmother because she feared the old woman was possessed by a demon may face stiff penalties

“Jesus And Mary Told Me To Kill Him Because He Is Satan’s Spawn!” Tammi Estep Jesus and Mary, God Told Me to Do It,  Tammi Estep Stabs Husband, Tammi Estep Arrested, Tammi Estep Stabbing, A woman who allegedly stabbed her husband said she did it after, “Jesus and Mary told me to kill him because he is Satan’s spawn!”


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