Colonial America Versus Africa

First Our Dear Patient, It’s Important To Be Clear On The Origin Of America To Realize How Christian Terrorists Came from Europe with the Mission to Conquer and Deplete America from its citizens by illegal force.

This was in Direct Contradiction to the Love And Equality Taught By Jesus Christ:

“There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are all one..” [Galatians 3:28].

These Colonizing Europeans Spread Destruction on the Native Population of America Fueled by The Europeans’ Mental Illness of Racism and Greed, Displaying the White Trinity Disease in Action.

Evidence Will Be Listed One By One on How The White Christian Supremacists’ who constituted America, were Ridden with the Illness of Racism And Greed that incited them to Also Terrorize Islam.

Before America United As A Country In 1776, It Spent Nearly 300 Years As Individual Colonies. Although America Was Still Divided, They Were Organized Pirates Who Used Stolen People And Resources From Other Countries To Steal More Resources From Additional Countries.

Start Of War: 1619 America First Started Attacking Islam As A Colony In 1619, Nearly 200 Years Before English Propaganda Of Today Falsely Claim Islam Started War With America In 1801.

War Details: Radical White Christian Terrorists Sailed To Africa To Kidnap Men, Women, And Children, Taking More Than 13 Million Humans With An Estimated 6 Million Being Muslim.

Today If Someone Went To Someone Else’s House, Kidnapping, Enslaving, Raping, And Killing Innocent Men, Women, And Children, They Would Be Executed.

Nearly 6 Million Muslims Were Enslaved And Forced Via Violence And Death To Build America For These White Christian Terrorist Founders. For More Than 200 Years, Muslims and other Fellow Africans have gone through Nearly 4 Generations Of Being Treated Like Subhuman Animals in America.

War Lost: First, The African Slaves Defeated The White Christian Terrorists By Winning Our Freedom In 1863. Second, The Worst Fear Of America’s Founding Fathers Came True:

“Supposed That If There Be No Religious Test Required, Pagans, Deists, And Mahometans (Muslims) Might Obtain Office Among Us” Clergyman John Swanwick 1786

This White Christian Terrorist Mentality Was Defeated In 1908 When African Americans Won The Right To Vote, Despite Centuries Of Resistance By White Supremacists That Still Linger Today.

The Radical White Christian Terrorists’ Worst Fear Came True In 2008 When An African American Used The Freedom From Slavery In 1863 And Right To Vote In 1908, To Become President Of The USA Using His Muslim Name “Barack Hussein Obama” Given To Him By His Muslim Father From Africa.

Despite this Victory Against the White Trinity Disease, If A Jew Becomes President Of Germany, This Does Not Excuse The Reparations Due For The Christian Terrorist Nazi Holocaust, Nor Does It Excuse The Reparations Due To African Americans For The Twice As Horrible American Holocaust.

America: From Colony To United Terrorists

After Starting War On Islam As A Colony In 1619, America was Built Up and Became a United Country With The Blood Of 6 Million Muslim Slaves Clearing Roads And Constructing Pathways To Connect America Into Becoming The USA In 1776.

Like A Rabid Animal, America Being Amalgamated On July 4th 1776, Started an Additional War Within 40 Years With non-Whites Prior to Beginning The Second War On Islam As The USA In 1801.

These 2 Different Wars By The USA Further Prove The Temperament Of White Christian Terrorist Serial Killers And Show A Consistent Pattern Of Sickness Manifested in Murder To Avoid Debt And Murder To Avoid Equality, Thus Guilty Of Being Pure Rabid Savages And Genocidal Terrorists.

Exhibit 1: The First War America Initiated Was Against The Original Inhabitants Of America, Named The Northwest Indian War Of 1785 Because The White Christian Terrorists Assumed They Were In India. Remaining Consistent With Their Savage White Christian Terrorist Character, The War With Indians Was Also To Avoid Paying Money.

The Founding Terrorists Wanted The Land Owned By The Indians, Rather Than Paying For The Land Or Living Harmoniously With The Indians, These Invading White Christian Terrorists Committed Genocide Killing Millions Of Indians.

As Stated By The White Christian Terrorist Founders Of America: “Indians And Wolves Are Both Beasts Of Prey, Tho’ They Differ In Shape.” George Washington

“The Immediate Objectives Are The Total Destruction And Devastation Of Their Settlements And The Capture Of As Many Prisoners Of Every Age And Sex As Possible. It Will Be Essential To Ruin Their Crops In The Ground And Prevent Their Planting More.” George Washington To General John Sullivan, May 31, 1779

“If It Be The Design Of Providence To Extirpate These Savages In Order To Make Room For Cultivators Of The Earth, It Seems Not Improbable That Rum May Be The Appointed Means.” Benjamin Franklin, From His Autobiography, 1750

At This Point, Parallel To The Nazis Over Reaching Into Russia And Getting Defeated, Or Russia Over Reaching Into Afghanistan And The USSR Collapsing, America Too Let Greed For World Dominance Destroy Itself.

It’s Best For You Our Dear Patient To Fully Understand The Context Of How Islam Was Attacked By The New White Christian Terrorist Leader Thomas Jefferson.

Many In Today’s English Propaganda Claim That Islam First Attacked America, Nothing Could Be Further From The Truth. The Decision To Attack Islam Came From Thomas Jefferson, Elected On February 17, 1801, A President Equal To Or Worse Than Hitler By Many Accounts.

Thomas Jefferson’s Words And Actions Showed A Sickening Racist, One Who Believed That Any Non-Whites Were Less Human Than Whites, And Therefore Did Not Have The Same Rights To Life And Assets As The Whites:

“If Ever We Are Constrained To Lift The Hatchet Against Any Tribe, We Will Never Lay It Down Till That Tribe Is Exterminated, Or Driven Beyond The Mississippi… In War, They Will Kill Some Of Us; We Shall Destroy Them All.” Thomas Jefferson To Henry Dearborn, 1807

“The Indians Can Be Kept In Order Only By Commerce Or War. The Former Is The Cheapest. Unless We Can Induce Individuals To Employ Their Capital In That Trade, It Will Require An Enormous Sum Of Capital From The Public Treasury, And It Will Be Badly Managed. A Drawback For Four Or Five Years Is The Cheapest Way Of Getting That Business Off Our Hands.” –Thomas Jefferson To Albert Gallatin, 1808

Exhibit 2: The Second War on Non-Whites In The Midst Of Starting War On Islam Was The 1810 War With Spain In Taking The Land Named Florida From Mexico Among Others.

As A Serial Killer Attacks Victims, Repeatedly Stabbing Them To Death From Lack Of Apathy For Human Life, So Too Were The Founding Fathers When They Attacked Islam As The USA.

Already Having The Blood of Africans, Mexicans, and Indians On Their Hands, These Savage White Christian Terrorists Wanted More From Overseas. Overconfident Mass Enslaving And Mass Murdering; White Christian Terrorist Leaders Started And Lost War On Islam:

Start Of War: 1801 American Ships Refusing To Pay Toll For Crossing Into Foreign Waters In The Mediterranean Coast Of Tripoli, 4,880 Miles Away From America (The Distance Of The Entire Country Of America From New York To California (Twice).

As A Shark Would Travel 3 Miles For A Drop Of Blood, The White Christian Terrorists Travelled 4,880 Miles To Take Humans And Resources From Other Countries, And Refused To Pay The Due Tolls.

War Details: Labeled The “Barbary War” And Also Called The “Tripolitan War” Lasted More Than 10 Years With Intermittent Cessations In Between.

While English History Revisionists Claim This Was America’s First “War On Terror”, The True Reality Is This Was The 5th War The USA Fought to Steal From Other Countries And Destroy Innocent Lives, Human Lives That Were Considered Of Less Significance Than Their Own Due To The Color Of Their Skins, And Their Beliefs Being Different From Their Own.

War Lost: To The Disappointment Of Thomas Jefferson, The USA Finally Agreed To Pay $60,000 In Past Due Tolls (Tariffs) To The Barbary States Tripoli, Algiers, And Tunis. Thus, The USA Piracy Of Traveling Worldwide And Taking From Other Countries Freely Was Put To A Halt.

Hence, The True Circumstances And Scenario Of How America Started And Lost The War On Islam. This Did Not Stop America’s Insatiable Greed To Take Resources And Lives From People Around The World.

As White Trinity Disease Was Rampant With the Crusades and Inquisitions and Colonialisms, the 20th and 21st Century Displayed an Indistinguishable Pattern of Murder by White Christian Terrorists with:

  • The Holocaust: White Christian Terrorists Killing Millions of Jews and Atheist Russians
  • Hiroshima: White Christian Terrorists Killing Millions of Asians
  • Viet Nam War: White Christian Terrorists Killing Millions of Asians

Although the White Christian Terrorists War on Asia and Africa have Been Dormant, the War on Islam Remains Fully Flared Because Islam has Been Countering the White Trinity Disease:

You, Our Dear Patient Are Encouraged To Research And Confirm These Facts. This Is Only A Brief Timeline Synopsis, Volumes Can Be Written On Each Of These Wars, And Some Volumes Are Indeed Available.

The Key Two Factors That Are Consistent Is Greed And Supremacy To Attack Islamic Countries And Be Eventually Defeated:

Philippine American War

Start Of War: 1899 To End The Spanish – American War, Spain Gave Their Philippine Colony To America. The Philippines, Like Any Other Humans, Did Not Want To Be Colonized By Anyone, Including The USA.

War Details: Filipinos Revolted From Being Passed From One Captor To Another. The Philippines With The Assistance Of Muslims In Southern Philippine Fought The USA For More Than A Decade From 1899–1913

War Lost: On July 4th, 1946, Philippine Won Independence From The USA And The Muslims Regained Their Legitimate Claim To Territories In The Republic Of Philippines.

Syria America Coup

Start Of War 1949: USA Eliminates The Democratically Elected President Of Syria and Replaced with a USA Loyalist.


War Details: The Syrian President Was Removed To Allow Passage Of An Oil Pipeline.

War Lost: In 1957, Syrians Regained Control Of Their Government Despite Another Attempted Coup By The Christian CIA That Year.

Iran American Coup

Start Of War: 1953 Operation Ajax Was An American Attack On The Leader Of Iran To Be Replaced By A Pro-American Leader To Gain Control Of Iran’s Oil Fields.

War Details: Eisenhower With The Assistance Of The British Secret Service, Arrested The Iranian Leader In August 1953, With Reza Shah Pahlavi Being His Western-Backed Replacement. For The American Control Of Iranian Oil So That White Christian Terrorists Benefit While The Millions In Iran Suffer.


War Lost: Iran Overthrew The Anti-Democracy Terrorists’ Planted Shah In 1979 And Restored Sovereignty And Independence As The Islamic Republic Of Iran.

Indonesia America Coup

Start Of War: 1955 Anti-Democracy Terrorists from America Attempted To Assassinate The Democratically Elected President Of Indonesia

War Details: Between 1955 To 1957, Anti-Democracy Terrorists Attempted To Kill The Muslim President Of Indonesia For His Alliance With Both The West And China. The Repeated Failed Coup Against Prompted The CIA To Start To Secretly Air Bomb Civilians

War Lost: Indonesia Was Able To Fire Out Of The Sky The American Christian Terrorist Bombing Plane, Exposing The Secret CIA Operation. America Tried Again In 1965, But Failed Again. The CIA Underestimated The Indonesian Army and this Became One Of The Biggest Failures In The History Of The CIA.

Also, Indonesia, The Largest Muslim Country (Only 27% Of Muslims Are In The Middle East, Much More Are In Asia) Elected A Female President Decades Before The So Called Pro-Women’s Rights USA Ever Did.

Lebanon American War

Start Of War: 1958 In 1958, A Pro Western Christian President Of Lebanon Called Upon America To Intervene In His Country’s Religious Tension Of 50% Muslims And 50% Christians

War Details: After Deployment For 3 Months In Lebanon, America Withdrew Its Forces With The Agreement To Replace The Complaining Christian President.

War Lost: Lebanon Is Now 60% Muslim And 40% Christian And Now Has A Muslim President: Tammam Salam Elected In 2014.

Iraq America Coup

Start Of War: 1979 The Anti-Democracy Terrorists from America’s Intelligence Department Replace The Iraqi Leader With Saddam Hussein.

War Details: With The Shah In Neighboring Iran Overthrown On 2/1979, America Then Replaces The Leader Of Iraq 5 Months Later With Saddam Hussein On 7/1979. Saddam Hussein After being Put Into Power By America, Then Initiates An 8 Year War With Iran In 1980, Killing Nearly A Million On Both Sides.

War Lost: In The Bottomless Pit Of Greed To Control The Oil Of Both Iran And Iraq, Causing Millions In Those Countries To Suffer and Die, America Dropped 88,500 Tons Of Bombs (Equivalent To 5 Nuclear Bombs), Lost More Than 5,000 American Soldiers, And Spent More Than $3 Trillion Dollars To Remove The Same Puppet Leader America Put In There: Saddam Hussein.

The Iraq War Caused America’s White Christian Terrorist Persona To Be Hated Worldwide.

Iran/Contra American Weapons

Start Of War: 1981 After Anti-Democracy Terrorists Put Saddam Hussein In Power In Iraq And Prompt Him To Attack Iran, American Then Sells Overpriced Weapons To Iran To Fight Iraq.

War Details: Since The American Shah Puppet Was Overthrown In Iran And America Could No Longer Steal The Iranian Oil, America Then Took Money From Iran By Selling Them Overpriced Weapons For A War America Started Via Saddam Hussein In Iraq.

War Lost: America Wanted Both Sides of the Iran/Iraq War to Lose, Jabbing Both Sides to Fight, But then America Ended up Being the Biggest Loser in that War.

America Returned Billions Of Dollars To Iran In 2016 In Addition To Paying More Than $3 Trillion Dollars To Remove Saddam Hussein From Iraq After Putting Him There To Try To Defeat Iran and Iran is Still Keeping its Own Oil.

2nd Lebanon American War

Start Of War: 1982-1984 In 1982, A Pro Western Christian President Of Lebanon Called Upon America To Intervene In His Country’s Religious Tension Of 50% Muslims And 50% Christians

War Details: Tension And Fighting Rose When Christians In Lebanon Aligned With Israel. After An Attack On The Occupying USA Military Barracks That Killed More Than 200 Americans, President Reagan Ordered The USA Military To Withdraw From Lebanon.

War Lost: Lebanon Is Now 60% Muslim And 40% Christian And Now Has A Muslim President: Tammam Salam Elected In 2014.

Somalia America War

Start Of War: 1992 In An Effort By America To Destabilize And Overthrow The Somali Government, America Invaded Somalia In 1992.

War Details: With America Invading Countries Worldwide In An Attempt To Replace Democratically Elected Leaders And Presidents With Force And Assassinations To Inject Corruption and Dictators Friendly To Western Oil Industries To Granting Access To Western Oil Companies To Take The Country’s Resources From The Indigenous People.

War Lost: In 1993, Somali Resistance To American Invasion Shot Down A Black Hawk Helicopter, Causing A Huge Psychological Victory To Somalia To Stand Up To The Previously Perceived Invincible USA Military, Causing America To Quickly Withdraw.

Afghanistan / Iraq America War

Start Of War: 2001/3 America Invades Afghanistan And Iraq Under The False Pretence Of Iraq Hiding Weapons Of Mass Destruction, A False Claim Supported by Fake Israeli Intelligence.

War Details: America’s War Objective Is To Defeat The Taliban In Afghanistan And Remove Iraq’s Nuclear Weapons

War Lost: America Failed At Both Objectives, More Than 15 Years Later, America Is Still Fighting The Taliban In Afghanistan And Never Found Weapons Of Mass Destruction In Iraq.

Pakistan America Attacks

Start Of War: 2011 America Invaded The Sovereign Country Of Pakistan To Kill Osama Bin Laden.

War Details: After A 10 Year Evasion Of A $25 Million Dollar Bounty For Bin Laden’s Life, Offered From The American Christian Terrorists To Kill Osama Bin Laden, The Alleged (Never Saw His Day In Court) Mastermind Of The 9/11/2001 Attack Was Assassinated.

War Lost: Osama Bin Laden, Similar To Removing Saddam Hussein, Cost America a Combined $5 Trillion Dollars To Eliminate These 2 Muslims.

Furthermore, the USA is Still Losing Money and Lives Since America Is Still Mired In Both Iraq And Afghanistan. Also, After The Killing Of Osama, A Suspected Worst Terrorist Arose Named Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi Who Some Claim Was The Main Reason America Failed In Iraq.

After Al Zarqawi, A Worse Terrorist Came Named Baghdadi Who Some Claim Is The Main Reason For The Rise Of ISIS Now In 30 States. But Just As America Can Not Cure its Greed To Pillage Other Nations, America Also Refuses To Learn That Killing Begets Killers.

Bin Laden, Al Zarqawi, And Baghdadi Should All Be A Lesson That Not Torturing (Al Zarqawi Was A Former Prisoner In Abu Ghraib The American Operated Torture Prison), Not Invading, Not Destroying Countries Is The Way To Not Make Terrorists.

Libya America Coup

Start Of War: 2011 America Bombs Libya

War Details: After Decades Of A Bi-Polar Love Hate Relationship With Libya’s Leader Gaddafi, White Christian Terrorists Bomb Him Once And For All.

War Lost: After Gaddafi Is Killed, America Had No Next Step Plan, Causing The Country To Fall Into Chaos And Turn Into An Anti-American Hard Line Islamic State.

Syria America War

Start Of War: 2014 After America Removed The Same Puppet Leader It Previously Placed In Iraq, Causing Iraq To Collapse And Go Into Chaos And Give Rise To ISIS, The Next Country To Lose Stabilization And Be A Breeding Ground For ISIS Was Syria.

War Details: From 2014 To Present, The USA Has Dropped Nearly 2 Million Pounds Of Bombs On Syria. America Claims To Be Neutral But They Do Not Allow The Syrians To Arm Themselves With Surface To Air Missiles To Protect Themselves From The Air Attacks.

War Lost: In Essence, This Is A Continuation Of The Disastrous Failure America Had In Iraq. America Failed On Both Sides Of Syria, Failing To Remove Assad And Failing The Spread Of ISIS Causing a Humanitarian Disaster.

200 Nuclear Bombs On Muslims

White Trinity Disease is the Illness that Caused Dropping The Equivalent Of 200 Nuclear Bombs On Muslim Countries and Guilty Of Killing Millions of Innocent Lives, Yet Still Lost The War On Islam.

In Total, More Than 200 Nuclear Bombs Have Been Dropped By These White Christian Terrorists On Islamic Countries, With Nothing To Show but Millions of Innocent lives being killed in Islamic countries and in the American military, all by the hands of greedy, entitled, White Christian Terrorists who were voted into dangerous positions of power within the American government.

Furthermore, America Is More In Fear Now Than Ever Before, These supremacists who live in America took a playbook from The Israeli Fanatic Tactics Who Still Also Live In Fear.

Here Are The Estimated Bomb Calculations from America’s baseless assaults on Muslim countries, due to the wrong people being voted into power, as of late 2016:

1986 To Present Libya = More Than 1 Million Pounds Of Bomb Assaults From America, Equivalent To 1 Nuclear Bomb which caused the destruction of thousands of homes, and the death of innocent men, women, and children.

1991 To 1997 Desert Storm War = 80 Million Pounds Of Bomb Assaults By The USA, Equivalent To 80 Nuclear Bombs

2001 To Present Afghanistan = More Than 30 Million Pounds Of Bomb Assaults By The USA, Equivalent To 30 Nuclear Bombs

2003 To Present Iraq = More Than 80 Million Pounds Of Bomb Assaults By The USA, Equivalent To 80 Nuclear Bombs

2014 To Present Syria = More Than 2 Million Pounds Of Bomb Assaults By The USA, Equivalent To 2 Nuclear Bombs

Total: Nearly 200 Million Pounds / 200 Nuclear Bombs By Radical American Terrorists. Wasting Lives And Money And Over And Over Losing The War On Islam that should have never been started as Islam was never in a war against America.

Instead Muslims put their trust in and came to America for safe haven from their own dictators in their countries, and instead of finding safety, they found hate, murder, and callous destruction of their homelands, due to the greed of oil, at the cost of Muslim, Christian, and Jewish lives.

The number of American Military lives lost, the number of children’s lives lost, the amount of money wasted, and the loss of resources in America that could have gone to the millions of Americans struggling.

Islam Is Not The Only Belief System That America Went To War Against And Lost. Communism Was Also A Target, Also Costing Millions Of Innocent Lives and American Resources And Also Defeating America. With Communist China Now Practically Owning America.

Was Being A Discriminatory Supremacist Worth It? Communists Are Still Communists, Muslims Are Still Muslims. These Christian Terrorists Have Not Been Successful Or Won One War, Unless Winning, Means Killing Children, And Sacrificing Your Own Military Men And Women And Being The #1 Country Trillions In Debt.

America Did Not Limit Their Attacks On One Religion Or Ethnicity Or Region, Those in Power in America Wanted To Control The Entire World Like Hitler.


Just As Germany Was Defeated, America Is Now Nearly $20 Trillion Dollars In Debt, Reversing Its Status From One Of The Richest To One Of The Poorest Countries Based On Debt Value.

Nearly Half Of The $20 Trillion Was Spent On Trying To Defeat Islam And More Trillions Owed To Communist China. Ironically The 2 Forces That the White Christian Terrorists Terrorized the Most Are The 2 Forces That Puts America At The Brink Of Collapse.

As We Were Shocked And Enraged When 3,000 Were Killed On 9/1/2001 By Osama Bin Laden, What The Americans Are Oblivious To Is That America Has Been Invading And Bombing Islamic Countries For More Than 200 Years Causing More Destruction And Death Than The 19 Hijackers On That 1 Day.

With 3,000 Killed On One Day, Some Estimate That The 200 Years Of Attacks From America On Islam Has Caused 30 Million Deaths, All Hidden By American Media And History Books, All Cloaked By the White Christian Terrorist War Propaganda.

This News Propaganda Makes Americans Assume They Have The Moral High Ground While In Reality, If You Take The One Day Of 9/11/2001 And Multiply It By 200 Years Of The USA Similarly Invading Islamic Countries (365 Days X 200 Years), Then That Makes American Leaders 73,000 Times Worse Than Osama Bin Laden.

The Entire World Sees This And Knows This Except For Most Of The American Public Blinded by The Propaganda Media. This Deadly Naivety Is The Main Factors Of Americans Still Volunteering To Join The Military, support the wars, and live in fear of attacks in America, Instead Of Rightly Fearing And Trying To Change The Supremacist Views Of Their American leaders.

We, Americans Sincerely Believe That We Are Righteous, Helping To Liberate Other Countries, Yet We Are Oblivious To The 400 Years America Has Been Corrupting And Attacking Other Countries, Because They Don’t Believe or Look the Same as the American Supremacists.

Despite The USA Causing The Death Of Nearly 30 Million Muslims, Islam Was Still Declared The World’s Largest Religion On Mar 31, 2008, Surpassing Roman Catholicism As The World’s Largest Religion, According To A Vatican Newspaper.

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