Conclusion: Loving Christian Terrorists

First, We Caution You That the Murderous Rage from White Christian Terrorists is Very Real and Deadly. How Do You Love Such Hateful Dangerous People? Compassion, Appreciation, and Necessity!

Compassion: In Summary, the Futile Rage That Christians Terrorists Feel 24/7 Is to Be Pitied. We Must Sympathize For People who Are in a Living Hell that Want to Murder People Around Them All Day Long.

Someone Possessed by A Demon Should Receive An Exorcism Rather Than Harming the Body the Demon Possesses. Understanding the Demons that Possess Christian Terrorists Can Help You with the Exorcism.

Why Do Christian Terrorists Hate Us? Understanding Why They Hate Us Can Help You Understand How to Love them. To Recap, Similar to Hitler, Christian Terrorists Hate Us Because in General, Their Inferiority Complex is At Odds with the Christian Superiority They Were Raised to Believe.

For Example, Hitler, an Out of Work Painter, Saw the Rich Jews Around him and Felt The Rage Christian Terrorists Feel Today; “How Can the least form of a creature have more than me?”

Hitler Indoctrinated in the Anti-Semitic Interpretations of Christianity Sincerely saw Jews as Walking Demons Among Us. The Jewish Presence in Contrast to Hitler’s Poverty Made Hitler Feel As a flesh god Trapped in a Barbed Wire Net.

How Can A Jew Love Hitler? Appreciation! We Are Blessed to Able to See Beyond the Hate and Appreciate Christian Terrorists As Equal Humans With Twisted Christian Ideologies. Loving Those Who Hate You Actually Puts You In the Enlightened Status Because They Are in a Pit of Mental Hell Full of Rage.

The Common Denominators that Enrage Christian Terrorists are Their Resources and Romances. White Christian Supremacists Are Often Quoted Referring to African Americans As Monkeys and Gorillas Taking Their Jobs and Women.

This Can Be An Example of How to Help and Love Christian Terrorists. As Remedial as it may sound, it May Save Lives By Helping Christian Terrorists Find Jobs and Companionships.

Necessity: Helping a Christian Terrorist with Their Inferiority Can Save Lives of Millions As May Have been Done if a Jew Helped Hitler With his Livelihood. It is Necessary to Communicate With Christian Terrorists Because if Your Dialoging, then Less People Will Be Dying.

Conclusion; Dominionism is a Disaster. The Top 5 Ways The White Trinity Disease is Sickening Any Society that Swallows it are:

    1. Morality: As Mathematically Proven, Extremist American Leaders Are 73,000 Times Worse Than Osama Bin Laden. The USA Is Only 5% Of The World’s Population, Yet It Accounts For  25% Of The World’s Prisoners.

The USA Claims That ISIS Has Raped 30,000 Women, Yet Remains Silent About The USA Military Raping Of 500,000 Women.

In The American Public, Nearly 700,000 Adult American Women Are Raped Each Year. That Is 80 Women Raped Per Hour. Underage Girls Raped In America Is Just As Bad, There Are 747,408 Registered Sex Offenders In America, And Nearly 3 Times That Many Not Caught.

    1. Economically: America Ranks The #1 Country In The Entire World With External Debt. With More Than 50 Islamic Countries Around The World, The Closest One In Debt Ranks # 25 With Turkey Owing $400 Million Compared To America’s $20 Trillion.
    2. Population: Islam Is Declared The World’s Largest Religion On March 31, 2008, Surpassing Roman Catholicism As The World’s Largest Religion, According To A Vatican Newspaper (Proving the Futility of Pope Urban II To create Crusader Christian Terrorists).

The Pew Research Estimates That Islam Will Be The Largest Religion, Outnumbering Both Catholics And Protestants By The End Of The Century, With Nearly 2 Billion Muslims Compared To 300 Million Americans.

    1. Religiously: The #1 Goal Of The Crusader Christian Terrorists Like Pope Urban II Is To Regain Jerusalem, Namely The Holy Site Known By Jews As The “Temple Mount”, That Til This Day Remains The Islamic Center Masjid Al-Aqsa.

Most Muslim Countries Were Originally Christian Countries, Because As the Book: “200+ Ways The Quran Corrects The Bible” Details, the Vast Majority of those Christians Peacefully and Gratefully Joined Islam.

Further Factual Religious Comparison is that Church Research Documents That Only 16% Of Christians Actually Read The Bible, Whereas Millions Of Muslims Have The Entire Quran Memorized. The First Word and Commandment in the Holy Quran is “Read”.

In Reality, Modern White Trinity Disease is Parallel to Satanism. Jesus Taught Accountability, but then the Gospel of Paul Along with the Church Distorted the Teaching of Jesus into Complete Forgiveness For Everything Via the Assumed Man-God Committing Suicide.

Turning Christianity into a Satanic Perversion that Anyone Can Kill and Be Forgiven via the Blood of Christ, Thus Making it a Very Fitting Religion for White Christian Terrorist Serial Killers. We Believe Pastors Secretly know this Giant Lie of non-Accountability but Fight the Truth with a Passion to Avoid Their Own Guilt.

    1. Politically: As The Numerous Failed And Overturned Coups Have Shown, Certain People in Power in America Are Against Democracy, Constantly Trying To Overthrow The Democratically Elected Presidents In Islamic Countries To Put In Lap Dogs That Will Allow America To Vampire Out The Resources From Those Islamic Countries.

Although Islamic Countries Are Very Diverse, 12 Have Elected Female Leaders Whereas As Of Late 2016, America Has Never Allowed A Female President:

  1. Absh Khatun, Sovereign Of The Sulghurid Dynasty
  2. Aisha Al-Hurra, Last Regent Of Moorish Granada
  3. Atifete Jahjaga, Kosovo’s First Female President
  4. Benazir Bhutto, First Female Prime Minister Of Pakistan
  5. Khadija Of The Maldives, Sultan Of Land And Sea And Lord Of The Twelve-Thousand Islands
  6. Khaleda Zia, First Female Prime Minister Of Bangladesh
  7. Megawati Sukarnoputri, President Of Indonesia
  8. Nur Jahan, Empress Of The Mughal India
  9. Sheikh Hasina Wazed, Prime Minister Of Bangladesh
  10. Sultan Kaikhusrau Jahan Ruler Of Bhopal State
  11. Tansu Ciller, Prime Minister Of Turkey, 1993-1996
  12. Turhan Hatice, Valide Sultan Of The Ottoman Empire


Continue Curing

Reporting Christian Terrorism: We Can Attain Equality By Balancing Western News. Also By Reporting Local and Global Christian Terrorism We Are Following the Teachings of Prophet Jesus (PBUH) “Look at the Plank in your Own Eye before Judging the Spec in Others” Helping Christians Recognize Their Own Intolerance to Help Counter Christian Terrorism.

The First Thing Dictators Take Over is the Media

The #1 Word Dictators Use to Neutralize others is to label them “Terrorists”. With Social Streaming Media and Youtube, We Can Counter the One Sided Media Propaganda With Reporting Daily Attacks and Murders by Christian Terrorists To Help the World Stay Informed and Create Equality. Your Support Will Create A Truly Fair and Balanced Reporting, Helping Jews and Muslims Against Christian Terrorists.

Become Reporters and Journalists, even if only part time, reporting on Daily Christian Terrorism. If Millions of Us Are Revealing Christian Terrorism, then the Nazi Style Western Media Will Remove Their Hitler Christian Terrorist Masks.

CTN: Christian Terrorism News is Accepting Daily Articles to Publish on and Can Be Reached At

All People in the World Should Be Cared About, Not Just Christians, or Jews, or Muslims, etc.. And All People Should Be Honest About Their Actions, Because Banning the Reporting of Terrorism By Any Group is What Fuels Racism, Hate, and Gives People A False Sense Of Worth, including the Children From Both Sides.

This is a Long Term Effort Like Rebuilding A Synagogue or Masjid, It Will Require A Lot of Work, We Can Do It With Your Support, Teaching That Religious Terrorism is Not Exclusive Can Help Religious Dialog Start From An Equal Platform Instead of the Current Trump Administration’s “Your Savage And I’m Not” Leading to Only Dialoging with Bans and Bombs and Attacks on Jews and Muslims. Equal Religious Dialog Will Help Jews and Muslims and Other Minorities in the West to Decrease the Christian Terrorism Against Us. We’ve Lived In Peace Together For Centuries Until People Like Hitler Do One Sided Reporting, Help Us Promote Equal Recognition to Have Equal Dialog and Peace. Terrorism Will Always Be Reported, and Islam and Muslims Will Continue to be Labeled because Billions Are Spent to Ban Reporting Christian Terrorism, Together We Can Lift The Ban to Neutralize the One Sided Propaganda Effect.

What Can We Do To Continue Curing? We Won The Right To Freedom, We Won The Right To Vote, We Won The Multiple Coup Attempts, We Won Independence From The Colonizers, How Do We Continue Winning?


First, Identify That There Is A “White Trinity Disease” that is a Worldwide Plague that Creates Christian Terrorists and Will Continue Killing Muslims And Bombing Islamic Countries And Demand To Deport You From America.

Recognize That These Monsters Are Twice As Bad As The Nazis (Who Were Also Christian Terrorists). Realize That You And Your Children Are In Twice The Danger Jews Were In After The Election Of Hitler.

We Are Firm Believers That The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword. We Are Firmly Against Terrorism, That Only Feeds Into The Propaganda Of The Western Media That All Muslims Are Terrorists, Linking Islam With Terrorism Is Their Dehumanizing Tactic To Silence the American General Public To Continue Bombing Us.

The Three Most Important Simple Steps You Can Take to Help Cure the White Trinity Disease Is 1) Learn True Islam, 2)Vote And 3)Counter The Propaganda!

Learning Islam:

We Are Commanded More Than a Dozen Times in the Holy Quran to Learn and Teach Non-Muslims About Islam. Avoiding to Do So is a Main Cause of the White Trinity Disease Spreading and Causing You or Your Children to be Terrorized!

Muslims and non-Muslims should share tea, coffee, or a smoothie together, have dinner together, and share ideas together, because once it is shown that we are all humans, then those who are corrupt and in power cannot as easily influence those who are ignorant about Islam.

Islamic Centers should contact their Neighboring Churches and Invite Their Members for a Picnic or Dinner. Many Churches out of Propaganda tracing back from Pope Urban II Truly Believe that Islam and Muslims Are Evil. We Have Witnessed Many So Called Christian Preaches Stating to Their Congression Those Exact Words.

You Will Be Blessed Like a Doctor for Helping to Save People, it Does Not Need to be Face to Face, You Can Also Teach Islam on Social Media, Forums… Even if You Cure One Person, that is One Less Person Potentially Attacking Islam.

Islam Teaches that God is Not a man:

“Say: He is God, the One and Only; God, the Eternal, Absolute; He begetteth not, nor is He begotten; And there is none like unto Him.  [ Quran 112:1-4]

If God was never a man, then man can never be God, blowing the bubble of White Christian Terrorists being the image of God.

Islam Teaches Accountability:

“Whoever does an atom’s weight of good shall see it; and whoever does an atom’s weight of evil shall see it.” [Quran 99:7-8]

Whereas the Theory of Trinity Teaches that Every Single Sin in the Entire World is Forgiven if you believe that Jesus is a Flesh god that Died on the cross. So if You believe that God had no Mercy to Save the Messiah Jesus, then you can commit all the sin in the world.

This Component of the White Trinity Disease is what Removes the Conscience from the sufferers of the disease to think they can commit unlimited genocides and bombs with no guilt or fear because their God will forgive them for killing millions of innocent children.


Emphasize the Main Points of Islam to Help Cure them of their Satanic Disease:

  1. Jesus Did Not Die On the Cross
  2. Jesus Is Not White
  3. Jesus Is the Messiah, Not God
  4. We Are Accountable For All Our Own Sins
  5. All Humans Are Created Equal.

More Resources for Learning and Teaching Islam is At:


People Have Died In Order To Have The Right To Vote And America Has Spent Trillions To Remove Democratically Elected Officials, Not All Americans Have the White Trinity Disease, Not All Americans Are Anti-Islamic.

But Some Who Want To Deport And Ban All Muslims Do Run For Congress And Senate And President, You Must Get Involved With Volunteering And Making Calls And Knocking On Doors To Prevent These Monsters From Being Elected.

There Are Also Wonderful Groups That Teach Muslim Leadership So You Or Your Children Can Get Involved In Politics, If An African American Named Barack Hussein Obama Can Do It, You Can Too:

  1. Unitedvoices.Com
  2. Cair.Org
  3. Mpac.Org
  4. Aifdemocracy.Org
  5. Islamicleadership.Org
  6. Islamicscholarshipfund.Org
  7. Islamicvolunteer.Com

If you Don’t Vote Against a White Christian Terrorist, then a White Supremacist will be Elected. If You Are In A Country With A Monarch Or Dictator, It Has Been Proven By Research That Leaders Who Only Serve A 2 Year Term Do A Much Better Job For The People Of The Country, So Use Your Voice And Pen To Remove Those Dictators, Some Of Whom Have Stolen Trillions From Islamic Countries For Themselves And Their Families and Their Foreign Sponsors

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