Nazi and Western Media Compared

What does the Nazi media from the 1930’s and Western Media Today have in common? The Ban on Reporting Christian Terrorism. The One Sided Reporting on Islamic Terrorism by Stations Such As Fox News is What Drove Americans to Elect Trump.

Pre-Nazi Germany Media exclusively labeled Jews as killers while not labeling the majority Christians in Germany who were mass murdering non-Christian civilians. This caused the Christians Not to Sympathize with Jews and Motivated Christians to take part in the Holocaust against Jews until Alternate Media Years Later Reported the Truth.

The same Christian One Sided Reporting Pattern happened against Indians, Africans, and Asians as it is now happening against Muslims. (The Effects of One Sided Media Reporting Lasts For Nearly a Century, All These Victims of Christian Terrorism Are Still Called Racial Slurs and Treated Differently Today Because the Brainwashed Parents Teaches the Children Fear and Hate Instead of Equality.

The Media Only Reporting Islamic Terrorism while Banning any reports on Christian Terrorism is what fuels America’s Superiority Complex where Christians Sincerely Believe “there is no such thing as Christian Terrorism, a Christian Would Never Stoop That Low, Be That Savage, Only Muslims Commit Terrorism”.

Then, just like the Brain Washed Nazis, Christians commit mass murders: More Than 2,000 Million Pounds of Bombs on Muslim Countries By America in Recent Decades, the equivalent of 200 Nuclear Bombs.

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