Table Of Contents

Introduction: Defeating Christian Terrorism With Love!

Top 5 Reasons Christians Are Not Against Christian Terrorism

1) The Plank Blinding Followers of Christ

2) One Sided Media Reporting

3) Church Embarrassment

4) Needing an External Enemy

5) Superiority Complex

Top 10 Deniers of Christian Terrorism

1. Deniers: Evangelicals

2. Denier: Donald Trump

3. Denier: Senator Ted Cruz

4. Denier: Bill O’reilly:

5. Denier: Sean Hannity

6. Denier: David A. French

7. Denier: Margaret Hoover

8) Denier: Paul Copan

9) Denier: Bill Maher

10) Denier: Pope Francis

Acceptance Leads to Cure

Accepting Christian Terrorism

Top 10 Ways Modern Christianity Breeds Terrorism

1) Christian Terrorism For Killing Jesus

2) Christian Terrorism For Expansionism

3) Christian Terrorism For Jerusalem

4) Christian Terrorism For Rapture

5) Christian Terrorism For not being a white Christian

6) Christian Terrorism For Revenge on Christians

7) Christian Terrorism For Babies

8) Christian Terrorism For not being a Christian

9) Christian Terrorism For 100 Virgins

10) Christian Terrorism For Satanism

Christian Motivation and Permission to Terrorize

Top 5 Reasons For Islamic Terrorism

1) Islamic Terrorism For Blasphemy

2) Islamic Terrorism For Civil War

3) Islamic Terrorism For Oppression

4) Islamic Terrorism For Revenge

5) Islamic Terrorism For Equality

Islamic Supremacy?

Top 5 Reasons For Jewish Terrorism

1) Jewish Terrorism For Israel

2) Jewish Terrorism For Superiority

3) Jewish Terrorism from Fear

4) Jewish Terrorism For 60 Virgins

5) Jewish Terrorism For Revenge

Why Christianity Creates the Most Evil Terrorists

Defining White Trinity Disease

When Jesus Became White

When Jesus became a Flesh god

When Trinity Became a Disease

Colonial America Versus Africa

America: From Colony To United Terrorists

200 Nuclear Bombs On Muslims

Anti-Christs: From Pope to Trump

Curing Christian Terrorism

The Original Jesus Love Cure

Top 10 Ways Muslims Love Jesus More Than Christians

1. Saving Jesus from Murder

2. Saving Jesus from Suicide

3. Saving Jesus from Satanism

4. Saving Jesus from disobedience

5. Saving Jesus for Jews

6. Saving Jesus From Paganism

7. Saving Jesus’ Honesty

8. Saving Jesus from white supremacists

9. Saving Jesus from Atheism

10. Saving Jesus From Cynicism

The Love of God

Conclusion: Loving Christian Terrorists

Nazi and Western Media Compared

Counter Propaganda


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