Counter Propaganda

Silence Is Deadly, If You Continue To Let Someone (Or Entire Western Media Empires) Continue To Call You Evil While You Remain Silent, Then Their Audience Will Continue To Believe You Are Evil!

We Are Believers In Protecting Ourselves And Our Families. It Is Unacceptable For Those In Power To Convince Others Through The Media That Muslims, People Of Color, Immigrants, Or People With Disabilities Are Evil And Not Deserving Of The Same Dignified Respect Of A Human Being As Anyone Else Is.

As Hitler Demonized Jews Calling them “Christ Killers”, the Jews Eventually Used the Power of the Media and Counter Propaganda, Thus The Nazis Were Then Demonized Even Worse, Then Eventually Everyone Realized The Truth. We Must Learn from This Past Tactic to Address the Current Negative Stereotypes Against Islam.

Here Are Resources For Counter Propaganda:

  1. Christianterrorism.Com
  2. Jewterrorists.Com
  3. Quranbible.Org
  4. Islamicbook.Com
  5. Warisacrime.Org

Countering The Propaganda Helps To Neutralize And Defeat It. What Makes America Great as a Society is the Freedom of Speech and Our Right to Publish Works Like These.

Emphasize the Love Islam Teaches to the ignorant sick Supremacists, One of Our Previous Books “101 Ways Islam Teaches Love Compared to the Bible” Love Defeats Hate and Hate Needs to be Defeated!

We Also Encourage You To Counter The Propaganda Of Anyone from Any Background Who Teaches Intolerance, Only Allah Is The Judge Of Our Hearts, Intentions, Words, And Actions.

We Are Not In A Position To Judge Each Other. If You Follow A Righteous Path, Live Humbly, And Treat Others Justly, Then You Should Be Treated With Dignity. If You Follow The Quran, Then You Should Be Loved, Regardless Of The Sect Or Country You’re From.

Today’s Pen is More Powerful Than a Nuclear Bomb Because Our Pen Can Reach Worldwide with the Force of the Internet, Social Media and Video!


The Evil Doers Hit Us with 200 Nuclear Bombs, We Respond with 2 Billion Pens of Love – Splitting Their Atoms of Ignorance – Melting Their Molecules of Hate!

The Majority of Christians Do Not Want to Kill Muslims, and Vice Versa, But the Minority In Both Groups Need to Be Taught Love, Mutual Respect, Trust, And Mercy. The Education Needs to Be Loud, Clear and Consistent!

Educate All with the Love, Peace, and Mercy of Islam Today. We Thank You And Bless You and Appreciate Your Time, Feel Free To Share This Publication With Others.

When, How, Where, and Who to Respond to?

When: Immediately If You Hear of a threat, report it. Also Immediately After You Hear of An Attack

How: To Reach the Most People, use the Internet and attend Rallies For Equal Rights

To Kill the Roots of Terrorism, History Shows us that Applying Accountability and Equality Laws Brings Peace. Germany Was Held Accountable and Pays Israel Yearly Reparations, but America has not been Held Accountable For Iraq, thus the Turmoil in that Region.

White Supremacist Christian Terrorists Have not Been Held Accountable for 400 Years of Christian Terrorism Killing Millions of Africans, thus Feeling They Can Continue Their Racist Terror Against non-Whites.

Israel Has Not Been Held Accountable For the Apartheid Terror for nearly 70 years, hence it continues to Terrorize it’s Neighbors, Invoking More Violence. Terrorism is Historically Defeated By Accountability, Regardless of Race or Religion. Help End Christian Terrorism by Filing Lawsuits Against the Terrorists.

Who: Report Threats to Police, Challenge the Media For Not Reporting Christian Terrorism. Challenge Politicians For Not Condemning Christian Terrorism.

Also Respond For Jews, Muslims, African Americans, All Victims of Christian Terrorism because If We Unite Against Them Then Their Fear Tactics Will Be Defeated. If They Can Not Tolerate Non-Christian and Non-Europeans in America, then Maybe They Should Go Back to Europe.

Contact Your Local and National Media News to Insist on Equal Reporting. Evangelicals Own 300,000 Evangelical churches, 30,000 evangelical Christian day schools, more than a Thousand Christian radio stations Spewing the Teachings of Dominionism. We Must Counter the Multi Billion Dollar Machine that is Hell Bent On Insignificantizing you to death.

Where: Volunteer to Speak in Schools, Churches, Synagogues, Masjids, Informing Everyone of the Dangers and Reality of Christian Terrorism.

Combating Christian Terrorism is a battle For law enforcement and a war of ideology between Equality and understanding versus Hate and prejudice.

All Christians from the Pope to the Priests need to acknowledge and condemn Christian Terrorism, in all it’s shapes and forms from Neo Nazism to KKK to White Supremacy, to explain to these Christian Terrorists that they Are Not Killing For Jesus as These Christian Terrorists Presume to be. Help the Christian Terrorists realize that they suffer from Extremism or Racism or Satanism so they can be Returned to being More Christ Like, a Muslim.

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