Introduction: Defeating Christian Terrorism With Love!

Love Starts With Acceptance. Speeches By Popes, Bible Verses, Christian Terrorist Manuals and Testimonies Are All Included, Documenting The Top 10 Categories of How Christianity Breeds Terrorism. In Addition to Permission and Motivation to Terrorize, Some Christians Interpret the Modern Teachings of Christianity to Believe they Have a Duty to Be Terrorists.

Responses to Christian Terrorists’ Ideology are Included To Exterminate the Hate and Replace it with Love. The Top 10 Ways Christians Kill For Jesus Include: Deicide, Rapture, 100 Virgins, Manifest Destiny, Satanism, Resemblance, Fetuses, and From Having a Guilt Free Conscience Being Already “Saved”, thus Sins Can Be Unlimited and They Assume They Can Still Be In Heaven.

Love, as a Focus to Defeat the Christian Terrorists’ Hate includes the Top 10 Ways Muslims Love Jesus More Than Christians. Loving the Original Jesus Verses the Contemporary Jesus More is a Core Way to Cure Christian Terrorism.

Teaching to Truly Love Jesus Include: Showing How Jesus was actually Saved from the Cross and Clarifying How It’s Much More Loving to Believe in Rescue than Resurrection, Consequently Giving Christian Terrorists Accountability Rather Than Lawlessness.

20 years of Propaganda and Comparative Religion research is what makes this book more authoritative and informative than any of it’s kind. Our Goal is three fold: Breaking the Media Ban on Reporting Christian Terrorism, Defeating Christian Terrorism, and Opening Dialog Among World Religions from An Equal Platform to Foster Understanding, Peace, and Love.

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