Mass Murder Motive is Key to an investigation and future prevention. It’s Easy to establish Islamic motive in a massacre when a tan assailant yells “Allahu Akbar” prior to the attack. 


Understandably, Homeland Security, FBI, CIA, and Police Detectives miss Christian motives in mass killings. When less obvious or more common evidence is present, the Motive Requires More Research.


For example, It’s Common to See Murderers Wearing crosses or having Cross Tattoos or Named Biblical names (John, Chris, Paul). Because Christian Killers Are So Common, A Christian Motive is Missed.


Investigators pre-judge Muslim rage and expect Retaliation –Terrorism. Decades of bombing campaigns on Muslim countries equating to 200 Nuclear Bombs have put Authorities  on High Alert.


The West Has Become Experts at Spotting Islamic Terrorism. The Evidence Authorities Miss in Domestic Terrorism is the pent up rage from Christians At Home that statistically Creates 100 times More Christian Terrorism.. 


With the Media Propagating the Anger from Islam and Love from Christianity, investigators as with Jurors are Tainted by Stereotyping.  Investigators are raised in a culture with religious and racial bias.


External persuasion from the media and internal influences from upbringing infect the inspectors investigation. The Missed Christian motives for Terrorism are:


1) Christian Terrorism for Expelling non-Christian Europeans (non-white Christians)

2) Christian Terrorism for non-white Christians mixing with white Christian women

3) Christian Terrorism For Killing Jesus
4) Christian Terrorism For Babies
5) Christian Terrorism For not being a Christian
6) Christian Terrorism For Being Given Unconditional Salvation Regardless of Genocides

7) Christian Terrorism For Being LBGT

This is the research for the evidence of Christian motive required to help address and decrease more Christian Terrorism.