Naturally, it’s insulting to be demonized as a Murderer just for being Muslim.  “Terrorist” is actually the worst stereotype; physically, financially, and mentally damaging.

For example, An Asian will not be passed up for an office job because they’re stereotyped as bad drivers.

A Latino will not be attacked or shot in the street for being stereotyped to overcrowd cars.

A African will not be be violently and repeatedly bullied in school by other kids for being stereotyped to like certain foods.

Why then Wouldn’t All Muslims Be Against the Stereotype of Labeling Islam with Terrorism?  Here Are the Top 5 Reasons Why It’s Healthy to Say “Islamic Terrorism”

1) Multi Trillions of Dollars of Free Advertisement.  

Labeling Muslims as Terrorists is a concerted effort that coincidentally escalated with the invasion of Palestine by European Jews in 1948.  The Dehumanizing propaganda tactic is an essential part of a multi trillion dollar globalization – dominionism strategy.

We Can Have the ‘Victim’ Mentality and be on the Defense Or We Can Realize as Donald Trump Does, that We As Muslims Are Getting Trillions of Dollars of Free Advertising.  Donald Trump Got Billions of Dollars of Negative Media Coverage as a Rapist, Crook, Liar, Etc.. And Won the Presidency.  

Similarly, Muslims Are Getting 24/7 Advertising As Suicide Bombers, Throat Cutters, Etc.. Yet Islam is Winning the Worldwide Statistic as the Fastest Growing Religion and is Predicted to be the Largest Religion in 2035.

Therefore, Use the Trillions of Dollars in Free Advertising as Trump Has to Use the Spotlight to Show Why Islam is the Best Religion.

2) Opening For Comparative Religion Dialog

Reality is that Labeling a Group as Terrorists is the same as trying to convince people that an entire race or followers of a religion are cockroaches.  When the word “Terrorist” is used, the majority of people automatically associate Islam and Muslim.  If Terrorism Currently Synonymous with Islam, and Terrorists Incur the Same Repulsion as Cockroaches, the Muslims Become Synonymous with Cockroaches.  

How Then Do We Humanize Muslims from an insect to a person? The Term “Terrorism” is not going away, it will be used Forever because There will Always be hunger, injustice, inequality, lack of accountability, and resistance to Oppression. If the Word Terrorism Will Be used Forever, then the Way to humanize Muslims and escaping the cockroach mole is to show how Christianity breeds 100 Times More Terrorism.

By Comparing Islamic Terrorism Verses Christian Terrorism then we are leveling the platform to have a discussion as equals.  For Example, when you Compare Muslims to white Christian Supremacists then somewhere between accused insects and claimed flesh gods, then you get Humans.

3) Opening For Comparative History Dialog

Similar to Comparative Religion, Comparing Islam to Christianity in the context of history such as crusades, holocaust,  Indian genocide, African slavery, colonization, dominionism, apartheid, etc. An honest comparison shows Muslims are pacifists compared to Christian terrorists.

4) Opening For Dialog with Youth on Pen Verses Sword

Pessimism and hopelessness and overflowing rage happens in some of the oppressed or disparaged Muslims.  Some Muslims are Forced to Decide between Voice or Violence – Voting or Vengeance.  Optimism is the key to making the right choice.

It is True that Voting and Voice is More Powerful than Violence or Vengeance whether short term or long term. It’s True that One Muslim with the Pen Can Successfully Invite 1,000 non-Muslims using the Pen / Internet because Truth Prevails.

5)  Opening to Unite

For Jews or Christians to Label Muslims as Terrorists, then they are not just labeling ISIS or Boka Haram or Al Quaida as Enemies, they Are not Just Referring to Iraq or Yemen or Iran or Syria.  The Label is Intended towards All Muslims – Indonesia, Algeria, Pakistan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Oman, UAE – All 50 Muslim Countries and the Millions of Muslims in the West.

They Don’t Care What Country Your From as Long as Your name is Mohamed or Ahmed or Abdul or Osama or Hussein, etc.. They Think You Are Associated with Terrorism or Have Terrorist Tendencies or Sympathize with Terrorists.

If They Make You Uncomfortable at Work or Harass You At School then let the Phrase “Islamic Terrorism” Remind You that instead of being treated as an accused enemy, you can be treated as a brother or sister by opening your own Muslim Business or working at an Islamic company and enrolling in an Islamic school. There is Power in Unity, Being labeled as the Worst Kind of Enemy is the Best time to Unite.


After 40 Years in America, Efforts to Stop the Media Stereotype of Muslims being Terrorists has failed.  The failure is not from a lack of effort:

More than a dozen well funded Advocacy Organizations have led the effort and 35 Thousand Muslim Websites Are Devoted to Condemning Islamic Terrorism. Fighting the Stereotype that Muslims Are Not Pro Terrorism as the Media Portrays to no avail.

It’s Reached a Fever Pitch where Politicians are being demanded to say “Radical Islamic Terrorism” in order to be elected. 

Certain labeling on certain races and cultures has been used derogatory for centuries with no mercy towards the prey.  

Chinks, Kikes, Negros, Fags, Wet Backs, the list goes on, but none of those insulting labels are as dangerous as being branded with Terrorism. Also Muslims are being shown the least Mercy, For example, Politicians Are not Pressured to call Jews “Christ Killers” in order to be elected.

Muslims have the most tart lemon so we must work the hardest to make Lemonade! Share This list of 5 ingredients to use the lemon of being degraded as a terrorist into Making the Sweetest Lemonade, Drink well and Be Healthy, Ameen. Terrorism NewsUSA Christian Terror NewsWorld Terror Newschristian terrorism,christian terrorists,islamic terrorism,muslim terrorism,muslims against terrorismNaturally, it's insulting to be demonized as a Murderer just for being Muslim.  'Terrorist' is actually the worst stereotype; physically, financially, and mentally damaging. For example, An Asian will not be passed up for an office job because they're stereotyped as bad drivers. A Latino will not be attacked or shot...Christian Terror  News Breaks the Media News Ban on Reporting Christian Terrorism Proving that Christian Terrorists Kill 100 Times More than Islamic Terrorism.