CTN: Christian Terrorism News has Started a Petition on Change.org to Tell Trump to Say “Radical Christian Terrorism”  

If You Are A Jew, Muslim, Atheist, African American, or Christian Against Christian Terrorism, Please Sign the Petition For Trump to Say “Radical Christian Terrorism”

Trump insisted on Obama saying “Radical Islamic Terrorism”. Trump should be man enough to also say “Radical Christian Terrorism”.

Deadly Christian Terrorism Happens Every Day Killing American Citizens! How Can You Defeat Radical Christian Terrorists if You Won’t Even Say Their Name?

Christian Terrorists Range from Killing Gays because Their Bible Tells them to or The Neo Nazis and KKK who Kill African Americans Because they think Jesus is white and everyone else is Inferior and Evil or Attacking Jews because the Bible Says they Killed Jesus.

Christian Terrorists Are the Deadliest Religious Terrorists Because they Think they Can be Instantly Forgiven After Their Mass Murders by Kissing A crucifixion necklace.

Christian Terrorism Happens Every Day as Reported on CTN: Christian Terrorism News and It Needs to Be Addressed to Protect American Citizen Lives!

Help Protect and Save Americans and People Worldwide by Telling Trump to Say “Radical Christian Terrorism” to Address the Root Evil of These Radical Christian Terrorists.

Tell Trump to Stop Racism Against Brown Muslim Terrorists Verses White Christian Terrorists, We Must Protect Americans Against All Radicals, According to the FBI, There is 100 Times More Christian Terrorism in American than Islamic Terrorism.

Demand that Trump Stops Being a Racist President and Say the Words “Radical Christian Terrorists”! Please Sign the Petition Here