Are deniers of Christian Terrorism Racists? For More than 200 Years in America, the Media has been Promoting Racism by labeling brown people as Terrorists while ignoring Terrorism by white people.  The foundation of this racism is based on the supremacist theory that “white is right”.

The native Americans were labeled as “Savages” and “Terrorists” while white Christian Terrorists killed millions of Indians. The “cow boy” and “Indians” movies always labeled the white people as good guys and the Indians as bad guys.

These mass media propaganda films hid the context that genocide being perpetrated by white Christian Terrorists killing an indigenous population for the purpose of not accepting Christ as their god and to take property for free.

It was unheard of in the American public to think the cow boys like John Wayne were the bad guys. American brains were thoroughly washed to believe the native Americans were the bad guys and therefore to kill and expel them is justified.

The same one sided racist labeling for similar motives by the media happened against African Americans.  The media portrayed Africans as “Savages” and “Terrorists” from Africa, therefore enslaving them like animals was justified for more than 400 years.

African Americans are still today believed by white Christian supremacists as separate inferior creatures, not equal or deserving to integrate with white Christians. A Google search of “hang from tree” will reveal modern white Christian terrorists’ brochures and songs promoting terrorism against African Americans.

Yet racist journalism by main stream media does not propagate or expose these extremists as white Christian terrorists. Instead, the label of terrorists is exclusively reserved for people of color such as African Americans, Native Americans, and Arabs.

The movie “American sniper” was a modern day “Cow boy and Indians” movie directed by the legendary “cow boy” actor; Clint Eastwood. Clint Eastwood has decades of experience portraying white supremacy, killing indigenous Mexicans. Taking California, Texas, and Florida from Mexico was justified by similar bias media labeling Mexicans as the “bad guys” as in the movies starring Clint Eastwood.

Therefore Clint Eastwood had the experience and mindset to demonize citizens from another country to glorify killing them as Christian Terrorists. The film American sniper became a best seller glorifying Christian Terrorism. Ignoring the facts that Christian terrorists were illegally invading a sovereign nation to torture and kill nearly a million people.

In addition to the one sided racist reporting and portraying by American media, some outwardly deny the equivalency of Muslim Terrorism verses Christian Terrorism. To the American media’s defense, racism is in part based on ignorance. Just as the the white supremacists disbelieved that an African can play sports such as baseball, tennis, golf, as good or better than a white person, all debunked.

The common ignorance that fuels the racist reporting is that the word “Muslim” means “One who submits their will to God”. In an identical way, the word “Christian” means “One who submits their will to God” Another exact match when comparing religious terrorists is that both Muslims and Christians presume Salvation after the terrorism.

The main ignorance that the racist media fails to treat equally is the comparison between “Dominionism” Verses “Caliphate”.  The American media narrative is that Islam wants to spread by violence to establish a “Caliphate”; A world controlled by Islam.

This is the heart of the racist viewpoint because it denies that “Dominionism” is the white Christian belief that the world should be controlled by Christianity. The difference is that any violence committed between establishing Dominionism or Caliphate was predominately done by Christians.

Several factors are naively ignored when comparing Caliphate to Dominionism such as the Crusades, Inquisition, Slavery, Holocaust. The death toll by Dominionism is 100 million times more than Caliphate. One of the pillars of the disparity is because of the racist media reporting, for example, the Christian Terrorist Hitler labeled Jews as the Terrorists – Christ Killers while the Christian masses in Europe killed the Jews, brain washed to ignore that they were the ones being the Terrorists.

To establish equality, both religious terrorists should be exposed and labeled equally, otherwise the masses will be tricked into more terrorism and history will eventually label them accordingly like the Nazi Christian Terrorists’ evil is exposed today.

The deadly difference between Dominionism (Manifest Destiny) and Caliphate is that Islam has strict rules against violence unless in the form of self protection, whereas Dominionism has no rules of engagement, all sins [killing Indians, Arabs, Africans, Mexicans, Asians] are all fair and valid because according to Christianity, Jesus already forgave all Christians for past, present, and future sins by killing himself on a cross.

Dominionism is actually akin to Demonism because it’s followed by Christians who are taught they were already born sinners and can not avoid being evil. Christians claim they don’t have to obey the laws of God because God died so therefore they can preform any sins they want and they will be presumably forgiven. This is exactly what Satan would want, for humans to assume they are evil, God died, and not to obey God’s laws. The actions of Dominionism actually prove it’s Demonism. Terrorism NewsUSA Christian Terror NewsWorld Terror Newschristian terrorism,christian terrorists,domestic terrorism,islamic terrorism,muslim news,terror threatAre deniers of Christian Terrorism Racists? For More than 200 Years in America, the Media has been Promoting Racism by labeling brown people as Terrorists while ignoring Terrorism by white people.  The foundation of this racism is based on the supremacist theory that 'white is right'. The native Americans were...Christian Terror  News Breaks the Media News Ban on Reporting Christian Terrorism Proving that Christian Terrorists Kill 100 Times More than Islamic Terrorism.