Top 10 Deniers of Christian Terrorism

The Anti-Defamation League reports 2015 to Present as being the “Deadliest Time for Domestic Extremist violence in the past 20 years. Over 63 percent of killings levied on Americans were committed by groups that identify with Strong Christian beliefs”.

Christian Terrorism Is On the Rise, Consequently, those Who Deny Christian Terrorism Are Also Increasing. Denying Christian Terrorism is Tantamount to Condoning and Enabling Murderers Killing For Jesus.

1) Deniers: Evangelicals: According to a recent survey by PRRI, Of the nearly 200 Sects of Christianity, white Evangelical Protestants declare the widest double standard opinion on Christian Terrorism. 87%  disown Christian terrorists who claim to be acting in Christianity’s name. However, they are among the least likely (44 percent) to say the same about terrorists who say they’re Muslim.

Reality: This is what spreads the disease of Christian Terrorism, by denying it even exists then there is no group effort to counter it and address the religious components of Christianity that promote Christian Terrorism.

 2) Denier: Donald Trump: The Trump Administration issued a report of 78 terror attacks he says were ignored by the media. Conspicuously, Trump Denies the attacks by professed white Christians. Notably, the list did not include the mass shooting Christian Terrorist on a Masjid in Quebec killing several people and the Hundreds of Jewish and Islamic Centers Attacked by Christian Terrorists since Trump Ran for President.

Reality: A President of America should Accept that All Lives Matter, not Just White Christian Lives. If you Act Like Hitler Only Caring About a certain race or religion, then what makes you different from a Nazi? Mr. Trump recently ordered bombing in Yemen that killed 27 civilians, nearly double the lives the San Bernardino Terrorists killed, do all lives Matter or Just White American Christians? So You Are More American than you are Human?

3) Denier: Senator Ted Cruz  continued to call for Muslim refugees from Syria to be barred from entering the United States but opening the borders to displaced Christians, arguing there is not a “meaningful risk” that Christians will commit terrorist acts. Cruz says If there were a group of radical Christians pledging to murder anyone who had a different religious view than them, we would have a different national security situation.”


Reality: Multiple Hindus and Sikhs have been Killed by Christian Terrorists just this week for being presumed to be Muslim; people with different Religious Views. Senator Ted Cruz, can be mistaken for An Arab, just As Many Other Hispanics Who Have also been Attacked and Terrorized by Christian Terrorists For Being Presumed to be Muslim.


Google: “Hispanic Attacked” Mr. Cruz, You Will Find That White Christian Terrorists Are Attacking Both Hispanics and Muslims with the Same Pro Trump and Pro Deportation (Converting Out of This Country) Hysteria Regardless of the “Brown” Victims Being Citizens of the USA.


Shame on Ted Cruz for Looking Arab Yet Still Defending Christian Terrorists by Denying they even exist and not condemning acts of Christian Terrorism that happen against his own Latinos for Looking Arab.

 4) Denier: Bill O’reilly: Jihadists are Crazy and All Christians are Sane. There is no Terrorist Component to Christianity.

Reality: Christian Terrorists Are Actually very smart, they’ve managed to kill millions and still appear to be the good guys in Western media as People like Mr. O’reilly propagates. As for the components of Christianity, this book details how the main pillars of Christianity Create the Most Evil Christian Terrorists the world has ever seen.

 5) Denier: Sean Hannity claims he doesn’t know any Christians beheading people demanding either convert or die.

Reality: If someone’s head is removed by a knife or an M-50 assault rifle, does it make a difference? Isn’t it still a beheading? George Bush’s Crusade caused Christians to behead more than 1 million men, women, and children in Iraq with the ultimatum “convert” your weapons to us or we will kill  you. Weapons that you Mr. Hannity reported to the public were there but that was a lie just like the lie that you have not seen Christian Terrorism threaten to behead people if they don’t convert.  Is someone that blind that they only see a few beheadings with knives but not the millions with rifles or is this an echo of the Nazi media calling Jews the Threat while Christian Terrorists kill millions of Jews?


Rather Than Beheading With a Knife or a Gun, How About Choking Someone’s Head from Their Body With a Rope As White Separatist Christian Terrorists Did to Thousands of African Americans. To This Day, Lynching African Americans is a Popular Form of Terror in The Christian Terrorists Literature and Music, Demanding African Americans Convert Back to Africa or Get Beheaded with a Rope on a Tree.


For Example, the Song “Gold Teeth and Razor Blades” by Bootleg Bill says “We’re gonna clean up this city! And they’ll be swinging from trees!” Many More Similar Songs and Literatures “Made in America” Being Distributed. Does Mr. Hannity Support These Christian Terrorists and Therefore Hide Them? The Denial Speaks Volumes.


If a Muslim Distributed Songs in America About Beheading White People with a Rope from Trees As a Form of Ethnic Cleansing, the Media Would Soil Themselves. Yet if a White Christian Terrorist Does it, it’s Invisible to them and “They’ve Never Seen It”.


Another Group of Christian Terrorists conveniently ignored by Mr. Hannity is the Evil Nazi Christian Terrorists who told Jews Either Convert Your Citizenship to Another Country or We Will Turn You Into Candle Wax and Lab Experiments. Christian Terrorists Killing People with the Threat to Either Convert to Being Someone Else or Somewhere Else has Demonically killed and Enslaved More People Than Anyone Else.


Has Mr. Hannity heard of Christian Terrorists Starving People to Death as in Concentration Camps For Not Converting? Madeleine Albright, a Christian in the Clinton Administration was asked regarding “A U.N. report found that, from 1991 to late 1995, as many as 576,000 Iraqi children died because of the harsh economic sanctions, of which Albright was a staunch supporter.” Mrs. Albright’s response was that was acceptable!


A Solution to Radicalization that is Not Even On the Christian Terrorists’ Radar is “Reparations” For The Decades Of Taking Resources From Countries, As Germany and Europe Returned the Stolen Resources to Jews.


Instead, People Like Trump Actually Get Elected By Saying Racists Slogans Such As “I’ve Been Saying For Years, Take All Their Oil”.  Starving, Bombing, and Stealing From Humans Around the World For Not Willingly Converting Their Wealth to Invaders, “Deliver Us From Evil”!


Fear mongers want to get higher ratings, war mongers want to get trillions more in increased weapons spending, both are in bed together, while more people live in terror and die worldwide. 


Rather than following the Satanic route, We Can Help People who’s countries were bombed with thousands of tons of US missiles and entire cities destroyed. The Way to Help is Reparations and Job Assistance Rather Than Letting Poverty Without Justice Radicalize them.


Reparations instead of Radicalization, it’s what the US Court Systems Practice Daily For Justice.  The Constitution states that all men are Created Equal, not Just White Christian American men.

 6) Denier: David A. French: Claims America doesn’t have a Christian Terrorism Problem because America is Devoted to Peaceful Political Persuasion, not violence like other terrorists.


Reality: The insanity and hypocrisy of a statement like that is tripled because of the fact that Mr. French is an Iraq War Veteran and a Major in the reserves.  Someone who saw firsthand America’s war machine. To claim that America is devoted to non-violent political persuasion is to deny the fact that America’s weapons budget is more than 10 Top countries combined.

Mr. French also ignores the fact that America has been devoted to violent regime change for decades, assassinated, bombed and terrorized many countries entire governments to put in place pro-Western puppets who oppress their citizens for American interests. 

America has more military bases around the world than all countries in the world combined and they are not their holding flowers and baking peace pie to persuade the politics.

The American military bases are there mostly to protect the puppets from the oppressed masses in those countries. Similar to armed guards who often kill, torture and rape the citizens of countries worldwide. According to the US Military Times, more than 20,000 rapes happen against US Military women per year, so the number of times it happens to “foreigners” is perhaps Ten Times worse.

Oddly Mr. French also says what makes America not a Christian Terrorist Country compared to Islamic Countries is that the Islamic Countries are seeking nuclear weapons.  Another glaring denial by Mr. French is that America sought, attained, and used Nuclear Weapons killing more than 200,000 men, women, and children in Japan.

7) Denier: Margaret Hoover: Claims the difference between Christian extremists and Islamic supremacists is that Christians aren’t connected to a global terror network.

Reality: The Catholic Church is a well funded global network that terrorized young children with perverted priests

Neo Nazis is a global Christian terror network that bomb, mass murder, and kill  minorities worldwide

KKK is a national Christian terror network that bombs, shoots, hang, and kill  minorities All Around America.

Anti-Abortionists Army of God are a national Christian terror network bombing doctors and hospitals trying to help women exercise their freedom of choice.

Their Manual “99 Covert ways to protect God’s children and save the Christian community” Infuse Christianity With Terrorism Saying the Abortion Doctors have “cut him or herself off from the church and therefore from Christ.”

Hundreds of Christian Terrorist Manuals Are Circulated Daily in America and Around the World, infusing Christianity and Terrorism, Just Because One Has Not Read Them Does Not Mean They Don’t Exist.


Russia to the victim countries is a global Christian terror network

America to the victim countries is a global Christian terror network

Crusaders are a global Christian terror network with modern followers.  When George W. Bush nationally declared starting a “crusade” against Iraq, Christians nationwide such as Chris Kyle volunteered to join the military.  Chris Kyle who won military awards for killing the most Iraqis and was glorified in the movie “American Sniper”. Chris Kyle tattooed one of his arms with a red crusader’s cross, wanting “everyone to know I was a Christian.” and believed he was fighting a religious war.


Prayed to Jesus while killing Iraqis, carried a Bible in his pocket and stated to his commanding officer that he would like to kill Muslims carrying the Quran. “I believe the fact that I’ve accepted Jesus as my savior will be my salvation,”


Thousands of Crusader tattoos and emblems are still being sold on a yearly basis and American Sniper directed by Clint Eastwood and starring and produced by Bradley Cooper was a bestselling film grossing $337 million dollars.


The Italian Mafia is a Global Christian Terrorist Network. Mafia Christian Terrorists Burn Biblical Prayer Cards of Saints with the Chant: “As this Card Burns so will I if I betray secrets”. The Prayer Cards Are Presumed by the Christian Terrorists to Offer Divine Protection from Enemies and Police.


In David Yallop’s Book titled “In God’s Name”, More Than 300 Pages Document How the Holiest Biblical Institute [The Vatican] is Filled With Mafia Christian Terrorists that Killed A Pope For Trying to Change their Long Held Norms.  The Christian Terrorist Murder of a Pope Was Coordinated and Ordered by the Highest Ranking Christian Hierarchy including Cardinals, Archbishops, and Monsenors.


Not Until 2014 Did a Modern Pope Excommunicate the Mafia Christian Terrorists, the Church Officially Accepting the Terrorists As Their Own Until Then. Now They’re Unofficially Accepted and the Excommunication Has Not Stopped the Terrorists from Killing in the Name of Jesus.


Even While the Pope Was Excommunicating the Mafia Christian Terrorists, his Speech inadvertently Condoned their Murders. The Pope Said the Mafia Christian Terrorists Can Go To Heaven by Stating “Repent. There’s still time to not end up in Hell” Despite the thousands these Christian Terrorists Have Killed.


The Mafia Christian Terrorists Mimic the Trinity of Christianity by Calling Their Leader “The God Father” and All Their Members Must Be Baptized to Wash Away Their Terrorist Sins. Roberto Saviano’s book “Gomorrah, Italy’s Other Mafia.”  Lists How Christianity and the Mafia are Synchronized.


Mafia Christian Terrorist Leaders Are Quoted Stating the Christian message Does Not Contradict Terrorism. The killing of enemies and traitors is seen as being a Good Christian based on the Bible Quote by Moses “Thou Shall Not Kill”.  So the Mafia Takes it Upon Themselves to be Enforcers – Trial, Judge, and Executioner thus Being Righteous Christians.


When Vincenzo Lubrano (Mafia boss) was acquitted, he organized a pilgrimage with Dozens of Christians to San Giovanni Rotondo to give thanks to Saint Padre Pio believed to be responsible for his absolution.


Mafia Christian Terrorists While Making Their Poison Narcotics, cut the bricks of hashish thirty-three at a time like Christ’s age.  Then work is stopped for thirty-three minutes, making the sign of the cross, and start up again. This Practice is Believed to Bring Drug Poison Profits Faster. Nearly 200,000 People Die Per Year from Christian Terrorists Made Drugs With The Terrorists Believing They Are Going to Heaven in Christ’s Name.


In Addition to the Italian Mafia, the Russian and Irish Mafia Also Use the Bible and Assumed Salvation by Christ As Their Justification to be Christian Terrorists. Killing Civilians As a Disciple of Christ Is a Global Disease that Is Not Addressed or Acknowledge and Only Grows Because It’s Not Even Condemned as Christian Terrorism.


The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) warns that violence perpetuated or planned on killing American citizens has occurred by a growing group of extremist that share extreme Christian views, which permeates with hatred and anger. The SPLC further indicates a total of 1,600 extremist groups operate across the country, presenting a clear and imminent threat to the United States


One of These National Networks is the Council of Conservative Citizens (CCC) Who Dylann Roof, the Christian Terrorist who Killed 9 African Americans in a Church was a Member of.  The CCC Often Calls for a race war, and three weeks before the murders, Dylann Roof viewed a post on their website to lynch African Americans; “A tall tree, a short rope and a good knot are not an expensive endeavor.”


All of these Global Christian Terror Networks have Hundreds of splinter groups and lone wolf supporters that also commit mass murder terrorism without direct affiliation or membership to the mainstream Global Christian Terror Networks.  Their Christian Terrorist Websites Are Teaching Intolerance and Glorifying Killing Non-Christians and non-European Christians Daily.


American Christian Terrorism has Been Happening in a Concerted Effort Since the First Pilgrims Til Today Because of Americans’ willful ignorance.


8) Denier: Paul Copan: “Jesus repudiated violence—that is, the unjust use of force—done in his name. By contrast, Muhammad himself engaged in violent, ruthless actions during his career,” he adds. “He taught such ruthlessness as normative in the Quran.”

Reality: Hitler’s interpretation of the Bible made him an Evil Christian Terrorist who Believed he was following the footsteps of Jesus to struggle till death to Expel Jews from God’s house, thus Hitler calling his book “My Struggle” (Mein Kempf)


Furthermore, with 200 different Bible Editions and 200 different Christian Sects, some Christian Terrorists interpret the Bible as a whole, not just verses by Jesus [who can also be interpreted as promoting Terrorism: “I came not to bring peace, but to bring a sword” (Matthew 10:34)]. 


Some Christian Terrorists like “The Order”, a national terror group from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints; Quote the Bible Verse Jeremiah 51:20 “You are my war club, my weapon of battle: with you I smash nations; with you I destroy kingdoms” And of course the Vast Majority of Christian Terrorists Quote St Paul:


“And you, who were dead in your sins and the uncircumcision of your flesh, God made alive together with him, having forgiven us all our sins, by canceling the record of debt that stood against us with its legal demands. This he set aside, nailing it to the cross.”  (Colossians 2:13-14) 


Thus an  Evil Christian Terrorist such as Hitler would go to heaven, this can also explain why most Christians Deny Christian Terrorism: Because According to St. Paul, a Christian Terrorist is not a sinner. In contrast, if the Bible is accepted as a whole as some sects of Christians do, and a side by side comparison is made, then it’s realized that the Holy Quran has 100 times More Love than in the Bible According to the Book “101 Ways Islam Gives Love to the Bible” by Mohamed Ghounem.


9) Denier: Bill Maher: Mr. Maher actually accepts Christian Terrorism and Condemns it but makes a false equivalence by claiming that the difference between Islamic and Christian Terrorism is that Muslims Condone Terrorism.

Reality: If Both Religions (as every belief or non-belief has) Commit Terrorism, then shouldn’t both be held to the same standard to condemn Terrorism? Most Islamic Terrorism actually happens against other Muslims in the form of civil war or fighting oppression by Western Placed puppet regimes. Most Muslims Do Condemn Islamic Terrorism but it’s not reported by the Nazi Like Western Media. Google “Muslims Against Terrorism” and You Will See All the Top Muslim Leaders and Average Muslims Condemning Islamic Terrorism.

By Mr. Maher claiming What Makes Muslims Worse Than All Others is that Muslims Don’t Condemn Terrorism is not only a False Claim, but also implies that Christian Terrorism Doesn’t Exist because the Vast Majority of Christians Who Deny Christian Terrorism are Not Criticized or Cited by Mr. Maher, Only Muslims Are Singled Out as Condoning Terrorism.  Google “Christians Against Christian Terrorism”. There is No Such Thing, Thus Mr. Maher is a Part of the Double Standards of propagating Only Christians Are good and Muslims are bad.

Mr. Maher an Israel supporting, Zionist leaning Atheist Jew Should be One of the First People to Criticize Christians For Not Condemning Christian Terrorists instead of Falsely Criticizing Only Muslims.  With Hundreds of Jewish and Muslims Centers Attacked this Year, the Crusades, Nazism, all of Jews’ least favorite words are back all because the Judeo-Christian Media Only Criticize Islamic Terrorism, missing the actual disease that caused millions more to die.


10) Denier: Pope Francis: The Pope wrote that “Christian terrorism does not exist, Jewish terrorism does not exist, and Muslim terrorism does not exist. They do not exist, By confronting terror with love, we work for peace”

Reality: It is True that No Religion Commands to Terrorize and Kill Innocent Men, Women, and Children, otherwise there would be no humans left.  Having Agreed with the Pope in this Respect, there Are catechisms in the Christian Religion as in All Religions that generate Terrorism rather than Promote Equality. By Addressing Religious Misinterpretations that the minority interpret to condone Christian Terrorism, then Christianity Can Truly Distance itself from Terrorism. But to Deny Christians Are Not Inspired by Jesus to Kill is to Deny the Disease of Christian Terrorism.

Acceptance Leads to Cure

 The Love Goggles are on when the terrorists are white Christians because of deep rooted beliefs that Christians are the good guys and to be “Christ like” is to be in the image of God. Therefore to have a white Christian admit to Christian Terrorism is similar to having that Christian admit to being an atheist or in other words, take away his assumed divinity.


Denying Christian Terrorism is Unhealthy for Christianity because this ignores the religious element of the violent evil crimes, thus missing the proper way to respond to it.  As an FBI investigation missing a key clue to the crime, thus not preventing future crimes by Similar Christian Terrorists. How do you cure a disease if you don’t even acknowledge it?