A scholarly comparison between Christian Terrorism and Islamic Terrorism Reveals the Top 10 Unknown Differences:

1) Difference in Condemnation: Muslims Condemn Islamic Terrorism, Christians do not condemn Christian Terrorism. A Google Search Reveals Nearly 40,000 Websites by “Muslims Against Terrorism“. An identical search with the same keywords “Christians Against Terrorism” reveal zero results.

2) Difference in Popularity: The most popular Terrorist is presumed to be the Muslim Osama Bin Laden who is believed to be the Mastermind who killed nearly 3,000 in USA, but the world’s most famous Terrorist is actually the Christian Adolph Hitler who Terrorized the World with his Nazi Christian Terrorist Armies killing nearly 20 Million people. Neo Nazis Christian Terrorists inspired by the Christian Terrorist Adolph Hitler Still Terrorize Jews and non-Whites Today.

3) Difference in Salvation: Muslim Terrorists believe they automatically go to heaven if they die in Battle, but there are Strict rules Against killing Civilians or non-Combatants. Also for Muslims, the rule is Not to fight unless you are being Repeatedly attacked (Quran 16:126).  

Christian Terrorists believe they will automatically go to Heaven simply for drawing an air cross on their chest or kissing a crucifix necklace while believing Jesus is their Savior. Death in Battle is not Salvation for Christians because they Assume Jesus already died for their sins.

The Christian Terrorists have no rules on Killing Civilians or Children or non-Combatants. Christian Terrorists believe they are already sinners and Jesus died for all their sins so they can commit Unlimited Killing and still be forgiven.

4) Difference in Reward: It is a common stereotype that Muslims will get 72 virgins in the afterlife. The Holy Book for Muslims (The Quran) does not support this propaganda. Whereas the Christian Holy Book (The Bible) States that Christians will get 100 virgins for being a Christian Terrorist (Matthew 17:29)

5) Difference in Beginning:  A Myth Among Christians is that Islam Started Terrorism on America. The reality is that the predominately Christian America Started Terrorizing Muslims For Centuries before 911/2001.

America started it’s Terror Campaign Against Islam in Africa 1619 AD. First Kidnapping and Killing More Than 10 Million Africans, nearly 30% of whom were Muslims. Secondly, the Christian Terrorist Armies Committed Forced Conversions for Many of the Muslims, beating them bloody to change their names and accept Christianity.

Third, Christian Terrorist Pirates Again Sailed to Africa in 1801 AD to Steal Resources from the Barbary States; Tripoli, Algiers, And Tunis. Labeled the “Barbary War” and “Tripolitan War”. Christians Invading and Terrorizing Muslim Countries Killing Millions for Centuries before 9/11 killed 3,000.

6) Difference in Expansion: Another Myth About Islamic Vs Christian Terrorism Centers Around “Dominionism” Verses “Caliphate”.  The Christian narrative is that Islam wants to spread by violence to establish a “Caliphate”; A world controlled by Islam.

This is the heart of the hypocrites’’ viewpoint because it denies that “Dominionism” is the white Christian belief that the world should be controlled by Christianity. The difference is that any violence committed between establishing Dominionism or Caliphate was predominately done by Christians.

Several factors are naively ignored when comparing Caliphate to Dominionism such as the Crusades, Inquisition, Slavery, Holocaust, Colonization. The death toll by Dominionism is 100 million times more than Caliphate.

The deadly difference between Dominionism (Manifest Destiny) and Caliphate is that Islam has strict rules against violence unless in the form of self protection, whereas Dominionism has no rules of engagement, all sins [killing Indians, Arabs, Africans, Mexicans, Asians] are all fair and valid because according to Christianity, Jesus already forgave all Christians for past, present, and future sins by killing himself on a cross.

Islam as historians document has been mostly spread by the pen, with books such as “200+ Ways the Quran Corrects the Bible”. Whereas Christianity was mostly spread by oppression, guns, and bombs.

Dominionism is actually akin to Demonism because it’s followed by Christians who are taught they were already born sinners and can not avoid being evil. Christians claim they don’t have to obey the laws of God because God died so therefore they can perform any sins they want and they will be presumably forgiven.

This is exactly what Satan would want, for humans to assume they are evil, God died, and not to obey God’s laws. The actions of Dominionism actually prove it’s Demonism.

7) Difference in Killing Jesus: Muslims do not claim that Jews Kileld God as Christians do. Jewish “Deicide” (Killing God) is a belief among Christian Terrorists that has led to the death of millions of Jews. 

Christian Terrorists believe that Jews as a whole are responsible for killing Jesus. “Christ-killer” is a Christian Terrorist call to war used during the Crusades, Spanish Inquisition, Holocaust, and by Modern Neo Nazi Christian Terrorists.

Of all the Christian Terrorists, Hitler, the epitome of worldwide Evil, was also the most charismatic Christian Terrorist.  Hitler was able to transfer his desire to kill for Jesus into the masses of the Christians in Germany.

In contrast, Muslims have Sheltered and Protected Jews from Christian Terrorists for More than 1,000 years. The current 70 year conflict between Jews and Arabs is based on the invasion of Palestine.

Reality is that Jews may have been Completely Exterminated if Muslims also believed Jews Killed God as Christian Terrorists believe.

Muslims Believe that Jesus was Saved from the Cross and that Jews are People of the Book. Therefore most of history documents how Muslims saved Jews from Christian Terrorists.

8) Difference in Purity: Islamic Terrorists in context maybe perceived akin to the Biblical Prophets. For example, Prophets Abraham and Moses Under violent oppression technically committed Terrorism Against Pagans.

Muslims like Abraham and Moses Believe in a Pure worship of God without Partners or Children or Spouses. If Someone Violently Opposes or Oppresses the Monotheists, then like Abraham and Moses, the violent oppressors incurred wrath.

The Difference with Christian Terrorists is that in Addition to Diluting God into 3 Separate Entities (A son, a father, and a ghost), The Christians Purity is based on Skin Color.

Christian Terrorists Kill For Purity of Skin color, not For Purity of God. Modern Christians assume that their god is “white” and anyone not white is not “god like” therefore unholy.

In addition to more than 10 Million Africans kidnapped and forced into Slavery by Christian Terrorists, there are millions who didn’t survive the kidnapping. Modern Christians are Still Killing because someone doesn’t resemble their assumed image of a white Jesus.

Of the hundreds of unarmed African Americans killed by Christian Terrorists in recent years, Dylann Roof (Member of the White Supremacist Christian Group: Council of Conservative Citizens (CCC) actually killed 9 inside a church while they were praying.

Dylann Roof was Taught to Be An Intolerant Christian Terrorist. The CCC Teaches: America’s Christian Beliefs and European Ties Must Be Preserved. Thus All non-European Christian people Must Be Deterred from existing within the borders of America.

The Christian Terrorist Dylann Roof (similar to Hitler and thousands of other Christian Terrorist followers) Killed Africans to prevent them from Contaminating white Christian women.

Common Religious Terrorism by Christians is based on a shallow cosmetic relationship with their god based on skin color. Common Religious Terrorism by Muslims is based on Purity of Monotheism.

9) Difference in Occupation: A major difference between Islamic and Christian Terrorism is the evasion of retributions for invasions by Christian Terrorists on Muslim Countries for Decades, For Example;

  • Morocco in 1912 AD Colonized by Christian France.
  • Libya in 1911 AD Colonized by Christian Italy.
  • Rwanda in 1894 AD Colonized by Christian Germany.
  • Egypt in 1882 AD Colonized by Christian United Kingdom.
  • Algeria in 1830 AD Colonized by Christian France.
  • Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, can all be debated to be Colonized by America.

Christian Terrorists Invaded and Pillaged these Muslim Countries. Christian Terrorists Stole Billions in Resources and Priceless Artifacts, Such as Christian Britain Stealing Priceless Ancient Egyptian Art and Relics from Egypt.

These Christian Terrorists Openly Admitted Invading These Muslim Countries was to Control Their Oil and People. Decades of Stealing Billions without Retribution has left these Countries in Poverty and near collapse like a Parasite Victim.

This is Where the Twisting of Facts take place, Muslims were actually Freedom Fighters and Patriots Expelling the Invaders but the Christian Terrorists labeled the Muslims as Extremists.

Millions of Muslim Youth have grown poor and hopeless with their Futures Stolen from them by Christian Terrorists. Forcing Muslims to Travel Worldwide Seeking to Support Their Families.

 The current turmoil in the Middle East is a direct consequence of decades of Christian Terrorists Stealing Billions and leaving the victims Desperate without Justice.

10) Difference in Mentality:  Another myth in the difference between Islamic and Christian Terrorism is the mental state of the Terrorists.  It’s Commonly claimed that Christian Terrorists are mentally ill while Muslim terrorists are members of strategic global agenda.

Reality is that Many of the Muslim terrorists are victims of the Equivalence of 200 Nuclear Bombs by Christian Terrorists. Since 1940 AD, Christian Terrorists have dropped more than 2 Million Pounds of Bombs on Muslims Countries.  

Therefore, the Majority of Muslim Terrorists Are the Ones Suffering from Mental Illnesses such as War Fatigue, Shell Shocks, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Anxiety, and Depression.

Since When has a Christian Country such as America had the equivalence of 200 Nuclear Bombs turn Entire cities into Dust to Cause Their KKK, Neo Nazis, and More than 1,000 Other Christian Terrorist Groups have Mental Illness? The Fact is that Christian Terrorists Are the Ones with a Long Term Global Agenda. 

Christian Terrorists Have More Weapons than All Muslim Countries Combined. Christian Terrorists Purchase Media Outlets Worldwide to Control Propaganda, Labeling All non-white Christians as Evil. Christian Terrorists have more military bases Around the World than All Muslim Countries Combined.

It Can be Debated that America is the Christians’ Caliphate, being the #1 Country Exercising Christian Dominionism. America uses a Combination of Spying and Hacking and Weapons of Mass Destruction to Spread it’s Global Agenda that has been Based on white Christian supremacy.

In Conclusion, there Are Two Sides to Every Story. For One to Fully Understand Another Person’s Perspective or Terrorism, it’s Important to Research Both Sides and History to Learn the Truth.

The lesson that History Teaches is that Terrorism Arises from Lack of Laws and Justice. Christian Terrorists Lack Following Laws and Lack Giving Justice, Thus Breeding More Terrorism.


http://christianterrorism.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/islamic-christian-terrorist-350.pnghttp://christianterrorism.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/islamic-christian-terrorist-350-150x150.pngChristian Terrorism NewsUSA Christian Terror Newschristian terrorism,christian terrorists,domestic terrorism,islamic terrorism,muslim terrorism,terror threatA scholarly comparison between Christian Terrorism and Islamic Terrorism Reveals the Top 10 Unknown Differences: 1) Difference in Condemnation: Muslims Condemn Islamic Terrorism, Christians do not condemn Christian Terrorism. A Google Search Reveals Nearly 40,000 Websites by 'Muslims Against Terrorism'. An identical search with the same keywords 'Christians Against Terrorism' reveal zero results. 2) Difference in Popularity: The most popular Terrorist...Christian Terror  News Breaks the Media News Ban on Reporting Christian Terrorism Proving that Christian Terrorists Kill 100 Times More than Islamic Terrorism.