Top 20 Christian Terrorist Armies

1) Catholic Church is a well funded global network that terrorized young children with perverted priests

2) Neo Nazis is a global Christian terror network that bomb, mass murder, and kill  minorities worldwide

3) KKK is a national Christian terror network that bombs, shoots, hang, and kill  minorities All Around America.

4) Anti-Abortionists Army of God are a national Christian terror network bombing doctors and hospitals trying to help women exercise their freedom of choice.

Their Manual “99 Covert ways to protect God’s children and save the Christian community” Infuse Christianity With Terrorism Saying the Abortion Doctors have “cut him or herself off from the church and therefore from Christ.”

Hundreds of Christian Terrorist Manuals Are Circulated Daily in America and Around the World, infusing Christianity and Terrorism, Just Because One Has Not Read Them Does Not Mean They Don’t Exist.

5) Russia to the victim countries is a global Christian terror network

Invading Countries Worldwide and Bombing Civilians, Killing Hundreds of Thousands

6) America to the victim countries is a global Christian terror network

Can it really be denied? 

Forced Christian proselytizing in the US Military

Millions of Innocent Africans Enslaved and Killed

Millions of Native Americans Killed

Millions of Communists Killed

Millions of Muslims Killed

All for having a different religion/skin color than the white Christian Terrorists.

7) Crusaders are a global Christian terror network with modern followers.  When George W. Bush nationally declared starting a “crusade” against Iraq, Christians nationwide such as Chris Kyle volunteered to join the military.  Chris Kyle who won military awards for killing the most Iraqis and was glorified in the movie “American Sniper”. Chris Kyle tattooed one of his arms with a red crusader’s cross, wanting “everyone to know I was a Christian.” and believed he was fighting a religious war.


Prayed to Jesus while killing Iraqis, carried a Bible in his pocket and stated to his commanding officer that he would like to kill Muslims carrying the Quran. “I believe the fact that I’ve accepted Jesus as my savior will be my salvation,”


Thousands of Crusader tattoos and emblems are still being sold on a yearly basis and American Sniper directed by Clint Eastwood and starring and produced by Bradley Cooper was a bestselling film grossing $337 million dollars.


8) The Italian Mafia is a Global Christian Terrorist Network. Mafia Christian Terrorists Burn Biblical Prayer Cards of Saints with the Chant: “As this Card Burns so will I if I betray secrets”. The Prayer Cards Are Presumed by the Christian Terrorists to Offer Divine Protection from Enemies and Police.


In David Yallop’s Book titled “In God’s Name”, More Than 300 Pages Document How the Holiest Biblical Institute [The Vatican] is Filled With Mafia Christian Terrorists that Killed A Pope For Trying to Change their Long Held Norms.  The Christian Terrorist Murder of a Pope Was Coordinated and Ordered by the Highest Ranking Christian Hierarchy including Cardinals, Archbishops, and Monsenors.


Not Until 2014 Did a Modern Pope Excommunicate the Mafia Christian Terrorists, the Church Officially Accepting the Terrorists As Their Own Until Then. Now They’re Unofficially Accepted and the Excommunication Has Not Stopped the Terrorists from Killing in the Name of Jesus.


Even While the Pope Was Excommunicating the Mafia Christian Terrorists, his Speech inadvertently Condoned their Murders. The Pope Said the Mafia Christian Terrorists Can Go To Heaven by Stating “Repent. There’s still time to not end up in Hell” Despite the thousands these Christian Terrorists Have Killed.


The Mafia Christian Terrorists Mimic the Trinity of Christianity by Calling Their Leader “The God Father” and All Their Members Must Be Baptized to Wash Away Their Terrorist Sins. Roberto Saviano’s book “Gomorrah, Italy’s Other Mafia.”  Lists How Christianity and the Mafia are Synchronized.


Mafia Christian Terrorist Leaders Are Quoted Stating the Christian message Does Not Contradict Terrorism. The killing of enemies and traitors is seen as being a Good Christian based on the Bible Quote by Moses “Thou Shall Not Kill”.  So the Mafia Takes it Upon Themselves to be Enforcers – Trial, Judge, and Executioner thus Being Righteous Christians.


When Vincenzo Lubrano (Mafia boss) was acquitted, he organized a pilgrimage with Dozens of Christians to San Giovanni Rotondo to give thanks to Saint Padre Pio believed to be responsible for his absolution.


Mafia Christian Terrorists While Making Their Poison Narcotics, cut the bricks of hashish thirty-three at a time like Christ’s age.  Then work is stopped for thirty-three minutes, making the sign of the cross, and start up again. This Practice is Believed to Bring Drug Poison Profits Faster. Nearly 200,000 People Die Per Year from Christian Terrorists Made Drugs With The Terrorists Believing They Are Going to Heaven in Christ’s Name.


In Addition to the Italian Mafia, the Russian and Irish Mafia Also Use the Bible and Assumed Salvation by Christ As Their Justification to be Christian Terrorists. Killing Civilians As a Disciple of Christ Is a Global Disease that Is Not Addressed or Acknowledge and Only Grows Because It’s Not Even Condemned as Christian Terrorism.


The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) warns that violence perpetuated or planned on killing American citizens has occurred by a growing group of extremist that share extreme Christian views, which permeates with hatred and anger. The SPLC further indicates a total of 1,600 extremist groups operate across the country, presenting a clear and imminent threat to the United States


One of These National Networks is the Council of Conservative Citizens (CCC) Who Dylann Roof, the Christian Terrorist who Killed 9 African Americans in a Church was a Member of.  The CCC Often Calls for a race war, and three weeks before the murders, Dylann Roof viewed a post on their website to lynch African Americans; “A tall tree, a short rope and a good knot are not an expensive endeavor.”


All of these Global Christian Terror Networks have Hundreds of splinter groups and lone wolf supporters that also commit mass murder terrorism without direct affiliation or membership to the mainstream Global Christian Terror Networks.  Their Christian Terrorist Websites Are Teaching Intolerance and Glorifying Killing Non-Christians and non-European Christians Daily.

9) IRA

10) Serbs

11) British Army One of the World’s worst Armed Christian Colonizers, Killing and Oppressing from India to Africa, and recently Along with France and America, has killed nearly a million civilians in Iraq. 

12) Lord’s Resistance Army

13)  National Liberation Front of Tripura

14)  Anti-balaka

15) Aryan Republican Army

16) Phineas Priesthood

17) Naga nationalist insurgent group

18) Hutaree Christian militia movement

19) Christian Identity

20) Soldiers of Odin

More than 100 Armed Christian Hate Groups listed here