Top 5 Reasons Christians Don’t Condemn Terrorism

1) The Plank Blinding Followers of Christ

Crusades. Slavery. Holocaust. Colonization. Apartheid. Invasions. The Most Oppressed People On Earth Have A Common Denominator: Victims of White Christian men. Yet If You Google “Christians Against Terrorism” Even Google Can’t See Them. “Muslims Against Terrorism” Has More Than 35,000 websites.


Most Christians Are Sincerely Naive to How Christianity Breeds Terrorism, Therefore Christians Deny that Terrorists Who Kill Civilians Are Indeed Christians – Preserving Their Self Identity From Being in A  Religion of Terror.


According to “Christianity Today”, there is “The Epidemic of Bible Illiteracy in Our Churches”. Research Shows As Low As 16% of Christians Actually Read the Bible.


The Plank of Christian Terrorism Is What Jesus Warns Us About: “Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye?” (Mathew 7:3)

2) One Sided Media Reporting

Bias Media Reporting is What Fuels the Superiority and Inferiority Complexes Between Races and Religions, Corroding Equality and Consequently Fueling More Terrorism. Putting A Spot Light on Christian Terrorism Helps Inspire Christians to Protest or Condemn Christian Terrorism As Muslims Do.


Hundreds of Jewish and Islamic Centers have been Attacked and Bombed this Year by Christian Terrorists. In Addition, Thousands of Personal One on One Attacks by Christian Terrorists Ranging from Harassment to Death Threats to Murder. 


The Mathematical Disparity and One Sided Judaeo-Christian Media Reporting is Stunning. On Average, there Are 3,000 Christian Terrorist Related Civilian Deaths Compared to 1 Muslim Related Attack Yet Islamic Terrorism Is Reported 3,000 Times More by Western Media, Putting Muslims On the Defense While Christian Terrorists Continue to Be On The Offense.


Why Does the Media and Trump Refuse to Say the Words “Radical Christian Terrorism”, and Only Obsess with Islam?  Because Trump, as most Americans, grew up under the Decades Old Media Ban on Reporting Christian Terrorism. The Only Religious Terrorists the Americans hear and see in the News are Muslims.


Methods of the  Media’s Ban on Reporting Christian Terrorism include using Alternate words to describe Christian Terrorists such as: “KKK, Neo Nazis, White Supremacists, Mafia, Hate Groups, Militias, Home grown, or Domestic Terrorists”. All the Time Hiding What These Groups Are: “Christian Terrorists” Who Kill Civilians While Believing Christ with 100 Virgins Awaits them in Heaven.


For Example, the New York Times has Reported on “Islamic Terrorists” Since 1996 More Than 150,000 Times. In Contrast Within the Same Previous 20 Year Period, “Christian Terrorists” Were Reported Less Than 10,000 times. 


Articles on “Christian Terrorism” in the New York Times Feature Authorities Denying the Existence of a Connection between Christianity and Terrorism. Whereas the Articles Featuring “Islamic Terrorism” Have Similar Authorities Being Quoted By New York Times Reporters Insisting on a Connection Between Islam and Terrorism.


The Ban on Reporting Christian Terrorism By Western Media Has Long Term Damaging Effects with the Remnants of the Nazi One Sided Reporting Between Jews Verses Christians in Germany Still Terrorizing Jews Today, 72 Years After the Defeat of Nazi Germany. Defeating Nazi Germany Was in Fact Defeating Christian Terrorism, but It is a Global Disease That Needs To Be Recognized To Be Cured.

3) Church Embarrassment

Churches Don’t Condemn or Acknowledge Christian Terrorism because of Shame and Embarrassment, like the Catholic church international terrorism towards children by priests.


The Catholic Church Spent Decades and Millions Denying and Covering Up Christian Terrorism Against Children By Priests.  Despite Being One of the Richest Institutions in the World, The Catholic Church Spent Decades Trying to Avoid Paying Retribution to the Terrorized Children.


Christian Terrorism is Also an Inconvenient Truth For non-Catholic Churches Who Compete with Each other to Lower Requirements For Salvation. Churches Sell A Fast Food Style Quick and Easy Heaven to Naive Flocks to Increase Attendance and Tithing; as a Consequence, Breeding More Christian Terrorists.


In Both Catholic and Non-Catholic Christian Churches, it’s Financially Beneficial to Deny Christian Terrorism and Distance Themselves from the Guilt and Embarrassment. Silence from Nearly All Christian Leaders Shows Church Officials Would Rather Continue to Collect and Keep Money Rather Than Save Lives by Addressing Modern Interpretations of Christianity that Breed Terrorism.

4) Needing an External Enemy For Trillions in Weapons

.War Mongers’ lobbyists Help Elect Politicians that Parrot the War Mongers’ Fear Tactics to Create an External Enemy.  This is a Self Fulfilling Cycle Where Countries Are Falsely Attacked Creating New Enemies, Thus Making the War Mongers Richer While More Die Worldwide.


The Internal Christian Terrorists are Therefore Ignored So Their Taxes and Lives Can Be Spent to Fight the Exaggerated or Self Created External Enemy.

 5) Superiority Complex

If a Bear Kills A Human, It’s a Tragedy, Whereas if a Human Kills A Bear, It’s Self Defense or Sport. Entire Populations of Bears Are Killed If they Get Too Close to Humans. Humans and Bears Don’t Necessarily Have the Same Equality, But Humans and Humans Do.


Deniers of Christian Terrorism Have a “Human Verses Animal” Mindset When Denying Their “Side” and Only Recognize others as “Inferior” Rather Than Equal. If Both Were Seen As Equals, Then Christian Terrorism Would Be Spoken Against in Every Church.


Superiority Complex Leads to Intolerance and Murder as Discovered by Zimbardo’s Stanford Prison Experiment, a Psychological Study in 1971. Guards felt Superiority Over the Prisoners, Leading to Sadistic Behavior by the Guards.  Modern Christianity Cultivates  a White Supremacist Complex that This Book Dissects it’s Roots and Prescribes the Cure.