The Christian Bill O’Reilly, One of the Top Deniers of Christian Terrorism has Reportedly Paid More than 10 Million Dollars in Settlements to Women Accusing O’Reilly of Terrorizing Them Sexually.

The Harassment and Abuse is Filed in Court by Several Women who Work At Fox News.  Fox News is also being Sued For Racial Bias and The Former Founder Roger Ailes Has Been Fired and Sued For Sexual Assault.

Fox News is Seen by Many as the Republican’s mouth piece that showed overwhelmingly negative commentary on Hilary Clinton Prior to the Election and Mostly Pro Coverage of Donald Trump. Even though Trump on a live mic stated he grabs women in the genitals without permission and has refused to show his tax return potentially hiding Russian or Terrorist financial ties.

Fox News Also Has Frequent Coverage On Islamic Terrorism but adamantly Denies Christian Terrorism with Bill O’Reilly being Their #1 Anchor.

Several Sponsors including Mercedes has pulled their Commercials from the Fox O’Reilly show citing not wanting to associate with Christian Terrorists.