Today’s Headlines Included two Separate Cop Killers. One Murderer in America named Eric Frein and One in France named Abu Yousef Al-Baljiki.  

First Similarity:  Both Cop Killers Stated they Wanted to Kill As Many Police Officers As Possible.  

Second Similarity: Both Were Religious, Eric Frein Found Holed up with a Gospel, Notebook with Prayers, and a Religious Plaque.

Third Similarity: Both Killed One Police Officer Each While Injuring Others.

Difference: Only One Was Called  A Terrorist By Donald Trump, without Stating the Obvious of who Trump Claimed is a Terrorist, Lets Dissect Why Trump Calls One a Terrorist While Ignoring the Other Cop Killer?

Do French Police Lives Matter More Than American Police Officers?

Does Trump Only Call People Terrorists Based on Their Skin Color?

There Are Thousands of Cases Where People with Different Skin Colors are Treated Harsher than white Criminals.

Is Trump Ashamed of Christian Terrorists so he Only Labels Muslim Terrorists? The Catholic Church was Ashamed of the Priest Pedophilia Cases For Decades Spending Millions to Deny them.

Is Trump Naive to How Christianity Breeds 100 Times More Terrorism than Islam?

Christianity Has a Stereotype of Love, yet Bible Illiteracy is Over 80% so Few Actually Realize the Radicalization that Occurs to Bible Readers Such As Hitler, KKK, Neo Nazis, White Separatists, etc.  Radical Christian Terrorists Quote Dozens of Bible Verses to Justify Terrorism.

Racism Does Often Stem From Ignorance and Shame Does Frequently Come from Inferiority.

Therefore it maybe a Combination of All The Above.  Today is Proof as Was the Case of the Central Park 5 from 30 years ago that Trump Does Prejudge Crimes Based on Appearance More Than Facts.

The True Problem is that Trump is a Victim of the Same Propaganda All Americans Are Victims To; Racism in the Media Claiming Identical Criminals Be Labeled Differently based on Skin Color or Religious Orientation.