One Nuclear Weapon equals 1 Million pounds of bombs. According to American government records, the US has dropped more than 200 Million pounds of bombs in Muslim countries since the 1945. Thousands of pounds of bombs explode daily in Muslim countries from American fighters, killing men, women, and children every day.

Questions to ask to Americans:

Do the US Military soldiers know they’re being used as slow motion nuclear bombs?

Does the fear of US Politicians being attacked by a nuclear bomb blind them to the fact that they are being 20 times worse than any terrorists?

Does the American media know their one sided reporting of obsessing with the shooting of 2 dozen people by a Muslim is the fuel that launches the 2 dozen equivalent nuclear bombs on Muslims.

After knowing America has dropped more than 20 equivalent Nuclear Bombs on Muslims, will you be really surprised if at least 1 nuclear bomb attacks America?

The Prevalence of Hitlerism

As a Muslim, I want America saved, why? Because I lived in America for 40 years and I know that the vast majority of the people are naive reactionaries, they would love Muslims if Islamic countries used some of their wealth to invest in the American media as Israel has instead of throwing away Muslims’ trillions on dictators’ gluttony.

As a Muslim American, I’m proud of Americans, they elected a President with a Muslim name who was raised Muslim. Despite Muslims being labeled as enemies dozens of times a day in the American media, we are rarely ever attacked in public with the hijabs or beard, although being employed is another matter…

In short, America is like a big hearted woman who has a bad boyfriend, (Israel), telling her to do bad things and she believes that boyfriend, for example, Israeli intelligence giving false evidence to the US of Iraq having WMDs. We have to wake America up because there are a few evil people who are leading the masses like Hitler led Germany.

These are the real mass murders who use mass media to kill millions. No more bombs, much more peace, will save America from bad karma. If the bias media can reach 10 million Americans, we have to use every communication method possible to reach 20 million Americans, defeat lies with truth. Counter the stereotypes with facts. Teachers are a million times more powerful than terrorists.