Ines Antonio and her 5 year old daughter were Repeatedly Verbally and Physically Abused by her White Christian Boyfriend For Being Black.  Repeated Calls and Reports to the Police in White Christian South Africa went Unanswered.  Until Finally the White Christian boyfriend Threw Acid on the Black woman and her daughter.

After her ex boyfriend Jan Pieterse was found guilty of assault with intent to do bodily harm after throwing drain acid at her, He was sentenced to 10 years in prison. 

Although Ines Antonio is relieved Jan Pieterse will spend 10 years behind bars, the trauma she and her daughter went through still lingers in her memory. Pieterse was jailed for throwing acid on Antonio’s face and over her body.

However, despite medical evidence, the court did not find him guilty of also pouring acid on their five-year-old daughter’s hand. Pieterse would pull his daughter by her hair because it did not resemble his, said Antonio.

“He would pull our daughter’s hair and say it was deurmekaar and kroeskop. Our child would suffer from headaches and I would give her Panado all the time. When I told him to stop abusing the child, he beat me up,” recalls Antonio, who was born in Mozambique.

Speaking about the first time she told Pieterse she was pregnant with their child, she said: “He told me he did not want to be with a k****r and I had to abort. He said the child could turn out to be an albino because I was a k****r.

Whites were not supposed to be with blacks, he said. “He hated our daughter and told her: ‘You will be a b***h like your black mother.’” Antonio explained that Pieterse’s father also called blacks “k****r in her presence and Pieterse would laugh about it. She does not understand why Pieterse was not found guilty for abusing their daughter.

Pieterse had told the court his intention was not to hurt their daughter, but her mother. Antonio said Pieterse laughed when he saw the scars on her face and said no man would sleep with her again.

She believes police failed her as she had on several occasions reported the abuse, but no arrest was made. Prior to the acid incident, she reported one of the several cases of abuse against Pieterse at Norwood police station to a female officer, but nothing was done.

This was after he had violated a protection order. Before the tragedy, she wanted to be a television newsreader but believes the industry will not accept her because of her face, so now she wants to study tourism.